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Hosted.com – All your Hosting needs in one place

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NEWS & TIPS: Let’s help boost your business

Demystifying Web Hosting vs Domains

Web hosting provides the infrastructure and storage space for your website and is essential for anyone looking to create a website. A domain is the unique IP address that helps users find your website and owning a domain is crucial for businesses, personal branding, and organizations/projects.

How to Choose a Security Focused Hosting Plan

Website security is a top online priority for both businesses and individuals irrespective whether your website is a woo-commerce store or a blog. Protecting your data and your clients' through SSL Certificates of varying security strength is of paramount importance in today's cybercrime upsets. Here are a few of our best suggestions to consider when selecting a secure hosting plan for your website.  

How to Start a Blog or Content Focused Website

Its so much easier to start a blog or small business website in today’s digital space. It really doesn't matter what line of business, hobby, skillset, passion that you have, it's never been easier. Getting online opens the door to helping you create a bigger audience, or client base, as it is globally accessible. This blog covers a few steps to give you some guidance as to the way forward,

Small Business Owner Tips on Choosing the Perfect Domain and Hosting

Our Tips for Small Business Owners are designed to assist you in creating a good online presence so as to enable you to reach a wider audience and drive growth. In this blog post we give you some essential tips towards getting you online and up and running on the Internet.

Top questions our customers ask.

A domain name is an IP address in words that are human-friendly rather than the number sequences that are computer-friendly. The domain name is entered into your browser address bar and usually preceded by "http://www." or "https://www." rather than the IP address's sequence of numbers.

A domain name must be registered prior to your website going live on the internet. ICANN's global Domain Name System (DNS) is used to keep track of all registrations processed by Registrars via the TLDs' Registries.

A TLD is a Top Level Domain. TLDs are the highest tier of the global DNS (Domain Name System), which is an ordered structure for domains. The most recognisable examples of Top Level Domains are: .com, .org, .net.

For more information please refer here.

Web hosting is a paid for service offered by ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

Every website is comprised of a number of files that sit on a secure server. These files contain all the website content that displays on your screen in an electronic format, whether it be text, images, videos, podcasts, etc. and have to be hosted on a web hosting server.

Hosted.com's web hosting servers have been set up specifically to ensure that your website's information is in a ultra-secure environment, that is very stable (99.9% uptime guarantee) and fast, so that you website loads as quickly as possible. Our servers themselves are housed in a highly secure infrastructure in a top level data centre and have geo-redundancy (multiple backups in different locations) in place, thus ensuring that our clients can be confident that their website will always be displayed on the internet.

cPanel is one of the foremost control panel solutions that has been specifically built for a web hosting environment. The platform is developed by cPanel, LLC and is used by leading hosting companies to ensure that their clients have a user-friendly, fast, secure and dependable web hosting platform. For more information please refer here.

WordPress is one of the world's leading, open-source, Content Management Systems (CMS) specifically designed for website owners. It is extremely easy to use, for creating, publishing and managing your website's content, irrespective of your type of website and whether you are just starting out or an established business.

To find out more about Hosted.com’s WordPress Hosting, please click here.

Email Hosting is the perfect gap-filler for any business, whether you are still in the process of getting your new business ideas together, or are well-established.

For the newbie, you can start creating a professional look by registering your domain name and getting Email Hosting for it. This allows you to start sending out emails that will show everyone that you take your business seriously even though you may only be in the initial stages.

For the well-established business, you may find that as you grow, the business email communication has outgrown your web-hosting plan. No problem, you can add-on an affordable Email Hosting plan that will close the gap and is scalable for future growth.