Shared Hosting for Fast and Secure Websites

Shared hosting is a service where multiple websites are hosted on one server. This allows for peak efficiency and cost-saving to the user, as the single server hardware and software supports multiple sites. Additionally, this type of hosting also offers flexibility and scalability, while allowing website owners to easily increase or decrease resources to accommodate… Read More

5 Benefits of Email Hosting

Email Hosting is a service offered by which can be utilized for additional email resources on an existing web hosting plan, or by individuals and businesses looking to send and receive emails using their own domain name. It is a service that is a secure, affordable, reliable, and efficient platform for email communication. Our… Read More

7 Factors for Choosing Web Hosting Services for your Small Business

With the number of webhosting services available today, it’s more important than ever to make sure you choose the right one. Web hosting services have come a long way since the only things one had to take into consideration were bandwidth and storage space. Today there are multiple factors to consider, and this is especially… Read More

Checking your domain’s availability and setting up a new website can be an exciting new venture, and while it may seem to be a tedious task – finding and registering a new domain can be straightforward. With only a few factors to consider, we at have our four-step guide on checking your domain’s availability,… Read More

4 Tips for Registering a Domain Name for your Small Business

Registering a domain name is a simple process of acquiring and managing the ‘address’ of your website on the internet, in other words, what people type in their web browsers to get to your website. It may sound intimidating, but domain name registration doesn’t have to be complicated, having said that, it is something you… Read More

The busiest shopping days of the year, Black Friday 2023 and Cyber Monday 2023, commonly referred to as BFCM, are right around the corner. Recent research showed that 46% of shoppers started their Christmas shopping before November last year. Now is a great time to get onboard by marketing your deals to them. If you… Read More

Website security is a top priority for businesses and individuals alike. Whether you are running an e-commerce store or a personal blog, safeguarding sensitive data and protecting your online presence from potential threats is non-negotiable. That’s why choosing a security-focused website hosting plan is a crucial step in fortifying your website’s defenses against cyberattacks. Here… Read More

A domain is the unique IP address for users find your website and is crucial for businesses.
Web hosting provides a highly secure, server infrastructure and storage space for your website files and content. … Read More

Its so much easier to start a blog or small business website in today’s digital space. It really doesn't matter what line of business, hobby, skillset, passion that you have, it's never been easier. Getting online opens the door to helping you create a bigger audience, or client base, as it is globally accessible. This blog covers a few steps to give you some guidance as to the way forward,… Read More