4 Actions to Kickstart Your Startup Business

To ensure that this is a successful year for your startup, it’s crucial to implement effective online steps that can help you reach a wider audience and drive sales.

In this blog post, we present four essential actions that can get your small business looking professional and getting online in the year ahead.

If your new startup has grown over the past year into a thriving small business, then perhaps it’s time to consider taking it to the next level… online! Implementing these four steps, can help your startup, or small business be seen in the online environment and in turn enable you to grow your business by reaching a far wider market that includes more potential customers and converting them into sales.

Here are 4 actions that may help your small business to thrive:

Action 1: Register your startup’s domain name.

Before you can start being seen on the Internet, you have to register a domain name. The rule of thumb is to keep it simple and easy to spell.

However, you may find that your domain name may already be registered by someone else. In that case, there are multiple ways to get the best, innovative and memorable domain name for your small business. For more information on finding the perfect domain name, we would suggest that you read our Blog: Transform Your Business Dreams into Reality with the Perfect Domain Name, as it has important tips that will make it easier.

Action 2: Build your startup’s website and get hosting.

With more than 300 million people regularly browsing the internet nationally, your business needs to have a website with good, informative content about your products or services, as it is your first point of contact with future customers.

It is very easy to put a website together these days, and most small business owners either choose hosting that provides an easy-to-use Website Builder Add-on with their hosting, or WordPress Hosting depending on their level of expertise.

Should you already have your website designed, then you need only look for a suitable Web Hosting package that can accommodate your needs, as well as having the ability to grow with your business.

Action 3: Add Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to ensuring search engines (and subsequently visitors), can find your small business online. Research the right keywords to use and make certain that they are included appropriately in content by adding meta tags and naming images and links correctly, etc.. The majority of website builders will have SEO functionality and WordPress has multiple sophisticated SEO Plugins that can be used.

There is a helpful Knowledgebase article: What SEO features does Website Builder have? that covers multiple features that can all be taken into consideration to enhance the SEO on your startup’s website, whether you are using our website builder or not.

Action 4: Use social media to create awareness of your startup.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Tik-Tok are wonderful tools for any startup, as they allow you to get closer to more potential customers than ever before! Take some time each week to post new, relevant content that is eye-catching and interact with your customer base and potential buyers’ market.

Even though you may just be a startup at this stage, you will now have created your online space to promote your business, products, services and ideas. The next step you can consider is researching into Google’s Startup program and seeing where it can add benefit to you and your small business. Google for startups can connect you to specific programs, people and products.


At Hosted.com, we believe that startups and small businesses are the backbone of any economy and we go out of our way to provide SMEs with products and solutions that simplify the process of getting online and that are affordable. Your business may just be a startup today, but with the right attitude, affordable online tools to help you create that professional image on the web, and more, it may grow and develop into any size you can imagine.

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