Tips for toward Preparing the best deals for Black Friday 2023

The busiest shopping days of the year, Black Friday 2023 and Cyber Monday 2023, commonly referred to as BFCM, are right around the corner. Recent research showed that 46% of shoppers started their Christmas shopping before November last year. Now is a great time to get onboard by marketing your deals to them. If you haven’t put any thought into it yet, take heart, there is still time. In this article we share tips to help you boost Black Friday sales.

5 Ways to run the best Black Friday deals

1. Get your Black Friday deals to look fantastic.

Create visuals that will grab and hold the attention of online and physical shoppers alike. Make it colorful, catchy, and shareable.

Visuals to consider creating for online marketing:

  • Social media graphics including Instagram and Facebook Stories 
  • Videos 
  • TikTok Reels 
  • A Black Friday 2023 sales landing page for your website 
  • Website banners 
  • Teaser campaigns 
  • Email banners 
  • Animated gifs 
  • Online and retargeting ads (if you are doing pay per click) 
  • Gift guides 
  • A countdown clock 

Visuals to create for your store:

  • Printed flyers and posters  
  • Window displays 
  • Storefront signage 
  • Aisle banners and floor decals 
  • Shelf talkers 
  • Endcap displays 
  • Unique price tags and labels 
  • Black Friday 2023 Deals T-shirts for staff 
  • Custom shopping bags 

IMPORTANT: You don’t have to do all the above, but make sure that the things you do invest in look amazing and will help you stand out. 

2. Make use of influencers to drive traffic to your store or website.

Apart from using social media, email marketing and pay per click advertising, boost your visibility by getting the help of an influencer. Influencers can help to humanize products and brands while simultaneously increasing the reach of your Black Friday deals. Influencers are trusted by their followers, so find one whose values tie in with that of your business.

3. Stand out by sweetening the deal.

Simply running great deals at excellent prices is not enough. Your competitors will be doing the same and customers will be picky. So, if you can ‘sweeten the deal’, do it! This will help showcase your deals to stand out more.


  • Offer free shipping or free collection hot spots.
  • Donate to an important cause.
  • Offer free gift-wrapping and complimentary cards.
  • Offer a gift with purchases.

4. Prepare for success.

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday nears, it is essential to make sure that you have planned and prepared for the following: 

  • The increase in traffic that your website and your store will get. Upgrade your website hosting to allow for the increase if need be and increase your staff numbers.
  • Check the user-friendliness of your checkout process. Make improvements if needed to make it as seamless as possible.
  • Ascertain if there may be any potential delays in shipping, as you will need to pack and send out orders as soon as possible. If you are unable to send out orders within 48 hours, then this must be communicated in advance.
  • Abandoned shopping carts. Don’t forget to follow up on abandoned carts with enticing emails. By reminding these shoppers in a tactful way and offering a further 5% discount, you may be able to close several of these orders before they expire.

5. Think beyond Black Friday 2023.

Your Black Friday deals can do more for your business than simply bulking up sales for a short period of time.

  • Use it to encourage returning customers by providing discount coupons on their next purchases. 
  • Offer discount vouchers to help grow your newsletter subscriber list and other databases. 
  • Build customer loyalty by following up on purchases and the service received. 


  • Competition is fierce, stand out by investing in visuals that will work harder for your deals.   
  • Reach a wider audience of targeted shoppers by teaming up with a suitable influencer in the industry. 
  • While a good deal is great, you might need to “sweeten” the deal further with free shipping etc. to secure more sales. 
  • Prepare for Black Friday pitfalls by ensuring fast loading speeds and sufficient staff numbers. 
  • Use Black Friday to secure returning customers and grow your database.  

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