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The internet is where all serious businesses need to be. If you don’t have a website your company is missing out on leads, customers, opportunities, and sales. Unfortunately, not all start-ups and small businesses have the budget for a website in the early days.’s Website Builder*, is the answer to getting online quickly and easily. In this article we unpack its top advantages.

What is a Website Builder?

In a nutshell, a website builder is online software that helps a person “design” a website without needing any coding or designs skills. You can choose from various customizable templates and widgets and literally “build” the website of your dreams by making easy drag & drop edits to your chosen template.

What is the Difference Between a Website Builder and a Content Management System (CMS)?

Essentially, they are one in the same. As mentioned above, a website builder is online software that makes it simple to build a website from scratch. Everything you need from template layouts, widgets and functionality, to create your website with, is right there, ready to plug-in and play. A content management system (CMS), like WordPress for example, is also a software application that allows you to create a website but may require more technical skill. With a CMS you also need to purchase templates, widgets and extensions, which provide more options, but will also add to the price.

7 Advantages of’s Website Builder

Benefit 1: You Don’t Need Any Skills to Build a Professional Website.

If you have ever made a presentation, creating a website with our Website Builder will be a piece of cake. Simply choose your favorite template from the 200+ available ones and edit it. Thereafter, Drag & Drop the required widgets into place and populate your pages with copy and images.

Benefit 2: You Can Even Build an Ecommerce Site That’s Mobile Responsive.

Want to sell online? No problem. Our Website Builder offers all the necessary plugins to help you build an e-commerce store. According to Pew Research Center, 76% of American adults shop on mobile, which means a mobile responsive website is an absolute must, ours ticks that box too.

Benefit 3: It’s An Affordable Solution with Multiple Free Features.

Money can be tight during those initial stages of starting your own thing. You need to save where you can, and if something’s for free – even better. Added to a cPanel Website Hosting Plan, our Website Builder is not only affordable, but it also includes several free features such as a domain name registration*, SSL Certificate, spam and virus filtering, to name a few.

Benefit 4: Pick From 200+ Templates and Unlimited Widgets.

You’ll get access to over 200 professionally designed, unique templates, each of which can be customizable to reflect your unique brand. Tailor your website even further by selecting the relevant widgets that add value to your site like social media plugins, a gallery, contact and appointment forms, etc.

Benefit 5: Launch Your Website When You Are Ready.

As a small business owner, you don’t have the luxury of waiting months for your website to go live. For you, time is money. Luckily, with our Website Builder it is so quick and easy, if you have your content and images, you can literally put together a professional website and publish it, in a matter of hours. You are in control.

Benefit 6: Make Edits to Your Website Anytime.

The wonderful thing about our Website Builder is that because you are the one controlling it, you can make updates and changes any time you want. In fact, it can be an ongoing work in progress that you constantly improve as you master it. But most importantly, when you have a new product, or promotion, or a blog post to update, you can do it yourself without delay or additional web designer maintenance costs.

Benefit 7: It Offers You the Ability to Test Your Idea Online First.            

What if you had an idea that you’d like to test online before spending too much initially? Like a personal project or a bakery side hustle that’s only just picking up…The point is, with the cost-effectiveness and ease of use of’s Website Builder, anyone can own a professional website and look the part irrespective of the size of their business.


  • A website builder is a software application that makes designing a website super easy. No skills needed.
  • It differs from a content management system (CMS) in that it is simpler to use and does not require you to purchase templates, widgets, etc.
  •’s Website Builder does not require any technical skills, allowing you to set up a website quickly and easily.
  • Three quarters of American adults’ shop via their smartphones, making a mobile responsive e-commerce website essential if you have products to sell.
  • Added to a cPanel Website Hosting Plan, our Website Builder is very affordable and comes with multiple free features too.
  • The professionally designed 200+ templates and unlimited plugins leave plenty of room for customization.
  • With’s Website Builder you are in control and can launch whenever you are ready.
  • Don’t pay extra on maintenance costs, do updates yourself any time.

Take any idea or side hustle online with’s Website Builder.

*Ts & Cs apply’s Website Builder is only available as an add-on to cPanel Website Hosting and is not sold as a separate product.