.com vs .co - A Complete Guide To Two Popular Domain Extensions

When choosing the ideal domain name for your company’s online presence, there is often a debate over .com vs .co. A domain name not only identifies your company, but also increases brand recognition, lends credibility, opens your operation to ore people, and draws in business. The appropriate domain extension, in addition to a great domain name, can support your marketing plan, assist with brand positioning, and communicate to your audience the nature of your company. Picking the best extensi… Read More

Are Hyphens in Domain Names OK for Google?

As your domain name is not just your website’s address on the Internet, it’s the first impression your site makes on visitors. It affects how quickly potential customers and subscribers find your site and the amount of traffic it can attract. Hyphenated domain names, as the name suggests, are web addresses that include hyphens (-) between words or parts of the URL. In this article, we’ll explore whether using hyphens in a domain name is beneficial or detrimental from a Search Engine Optim… Read More

Header Image Text - When to Choose a Private vs Public Domain Registration

One of the most important steps in establishing an online presence is domain registration. However, choosing between Private vs Public Domain Registration can significantly impact your online security and privacy. The decision to register your domain, publicly or privately, demands careful consideration as it relates to protecting your personal information and safeguarding your digital assets. Whether you’re a seasoned webmaster, small business owner, or aspiring entrepreneur – understanding … Read More

You Bought a Domain Name, Now What?

After making a domain name purchase for a website, you need to get your website up and running to ensure that your investment pays off. In this blog, we are going to take you through 6 easy steps to follow after purchasing a domain name. From choosing the right type of web hosting service, connecting your domain name, creating your site, and getting it noticed, we have you covered. Table of Contents Registering a Domain Name Purchase
Step 1 – Get Hosting
Step 2 – Connect the Domain Name to a Na… Read More

How to Buy an Expired Domain

A domain is a key element of your online identity – as owning a website has become a prerequisite for any small businesses or personal brand. However, finding the ideal domain can be challenging, as most memorable and well-known names are usually already taken. This is where buying an expired domain comes in. Acquiring a previously registered domain that has not been renewed by its owner might seem like a complicated process. Nevertheless, with the right knowledge, purchasing an expired domain … Read More

Web Hosting Versus Domain Name - All the Facts Explained

Two of the most important parts of having a website are web hosting and domain name. These terms are often used interchangeably, but they are two different things. A domain name identifies a website on the internet. It is what users type into their browser to access a website. Web hosting is the service that provides space on a server to store a website’s files and allows it to be accessible on the internet. Think of web hosting as the house your website lives in, and the domain name is its a… Read More

International Domain Name Registration: What You Should Know

Ensure your website’s global reach with international domain name registration. Learn the benefits and steps to secure your IDN today.. IDNs can be especially useful for businesses looking to expand their reach into overseas markets. You can buy an IDN from an international domain name registrar that on sells the TLDs from the registries. In this blog we look at what IDNs are, how you can register one, and what the top organizations that manage and issue them are. Table of Contents Domain Name … Read More

How To Buy a Domain Name Permanently

While many may wonder how to buy a domain name permanently, true permanence of domain ownership is actually not achievable, it requires annual renewals up to 10-years at a time. This could be a concerning thought seeing as a domain name is key to securing a unique space online. But don’t worry. You can purchase a domain for an extended duration and ensure that you never lose it. This guide aims to provide insight into the acquisition and maintenance of a domain for a long-term period. Table o… Read More

How To Buy an Email Domain

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, small business owner, or an individual looking to establish a distinct online presence – owning a personalized email domain name, can significantly enhance your credibility and identity. Throughout this article, we will explore how to buy an Email Domain, the benefits of owning a custom domain and how to choose the right one for your online needs. Let us review how a professional email address can reflect your identity, profession, services, products, or b… Read More

4 Easy Steps to Check Your Domain Availability  and Register It

Checking your domain’s availability and setting up a new website can be an exciting new venture, and while it may seem to be a tedious task – finding and registering a new domain can be straightforward. With only a few factors to consider, we at Hosted.com have our four-step guide on checking your domain’s availability, registering and connecting it. Table of Contents
1. Find a reliable domain registration platform like Hosted.com
– Professionalism at a click
– Your one-stop shop
– Guarante… Read More