Checking your domain’s availability and setting up a new website can be an exciting new venture, and while it may seem to be a tedious task – finding and registering a new domain can be straightforward. With only a few factors to consider, we at have our four-step guide on checking your domain’s availability,… Read More

4 Tips for Registering a Domain Name for your Small Business

Registering a domain name is a simple process of acquiring and managing the ‘address’ of your website on the internet, in other words, what people type in their web browsers to get to your website. It may sound intimidating, but domain name registration doesn’t have to be complicated, having said that, it is something you… Read More

A domain is the unique IP address for users find your website and is crucial for businesses.
Web hosting provides a highly secure, server infrastructure and storage space for your website files and content. … Read More

Choosing the right domain name is important not only for your company image but also to align with your brand. Using unique extensions can be very effective and help keep your domain name simple, use relevant keywords, and consider taking others' trademarks into account before registering a domain name that's perfect for you. … Read More

The right domain name can boost your SME online

Choose a domain name that’s memorable, professional, and portrays what your business is about. Get an email address with your own domain name for more credibility in creating a professional image rather than a free public email address, as it definitely ‘says something’ about you, your services and your business. … Read More