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The quality of your Web Hosting can make or break your business’s website. That’s why Hosted.com continues to partner with CloudLinux, a pioneer in server security and stability solutions. consistent performance, minimal downtime, and enhanced protection against online threats. In this blog, we’ll take you through what CloudLinux hosting is, its features, and the unique benefits it offers Hosted.com customers.

Web Hosting Overview

Every website you visit is essentially a collection of files, such as text, images, videos, etc., that reside on a web server. When you type a website address (domain name) into your browser, you’re sending a request to that specific server. The server then retrieves the relevant files and sends them back to your device, displaying the site on the screen.

To do this, the server infrastructure consists of hardware and software components that work together to power websites.

The hardware side of the server acts like a storage unit, keeping your website’s content safe and accessible using Solid-State Drives (SSDs) to hold all the site information, applications, and databases. These servers are specifically designed to handle high volumes of data requests and perform various tasks.

This is followed by networking switches and routers that connect servers and the internet. They ensure smooth data flow and use firewalls to protect the environment from security threats.

The software acts as the tools and programs that keep everything running smoothly. Web server software, like Apache, processes incoming requests from browsers and delivers the content. In addition, software like MySQL is used for database management to ensure everything functions correctly.

Central to this entire system is the operating system. This is the brain of the server, managing resources, performance, and security, for example, CloudLinux.

What is CloudLinux?

CloudLinux is a special type of operating system built on the Linux foundation. It’s specifically designed for companies that offer web hosting services. Unlike the standard Linux you might use on a personal computer, CloudLinux hosting is optimized for shared hosting environments. This means it helps hosting providers efficiently manage multiple websites on a single server.

Built upon the now-discontinued CentOS Linux base, it includes proprietary modifications that enhance security, stability, and resource management specifically for hosting environments. By focusing on the specific needs of website hosting, they have developed solutions that address the most pressing challenges faced by hosting providers and their customers.

Their team boasts extensive experience working with the Linux operating system. This translates into a deep understanding of the platform and the challenges faced in shared hosting environments. Their dedication to continuous improvement ensures their product stays at the forefront of innovation.

Not only that, it sets itself apart by combining exceptional technical knowledge with a strong emphasis on client care. This means they don’t just develop; they also prioritize providing excellent support for hosting providers using their operating system. This focus on client success contributes to it’s reputation as a pioneer in the industry and is another reason for our long-term partnership with them.

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The Features of CloudLinux

CloudLinux hosting offers a comprehensive set of features designed to optimize performance and security. These features work together to create a more stable, secure, and efficient hosting environment. By incorporating it into their infrastructure, hosting providers like Hosted.com can offer enhanced performance, improved security, and uptime for hosting their business websites.

Performance Optimization

Resource Isolation:

This is CloudLinux’s core feature. It creates Lightweight Virtualized Environments (LVEs) for each website, isolating their resource usage and preventing one user from impacting others.

Resource Limits:

Administrators can define specific limits for CPU, memory, I/O, and other resources for each account. This ensures fair allocation and prevents server overload.

PHP Selector:

This feature provides flexibility for users to choose their preferred PHP version and extensions. However, it’s important to note that CloudLinux might manage which specific PHP Selector versions are available based on security best practices.


It integrates seamlessly with popular control panels like cPanel, streamlining implementation and management for site owners.

Security Enhancements


This virtualized file system isolates user environments. Each user only sees their own files and processes, preventing unauthorized access and enhancing security.

Hardened PHP:

CloudLinux includes a security-enhanced version of PHP that mitigates common vulnerabilities and exploits. This reduces the attack surface and strengthens the server’s overall security posture.


This feature helps prevent symlink attacks, a common tactic used to gain unauthorized access in shared hosting by exploiting how systems handle shortcuts by pointing to a different location, like your system files.

MySQL Governor:

Uncontrolled database queries can overload the server. The MySQL Governor manages MySQL database usage, preventing resource-intensive queries from impacting overall server performance and security.

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The Benefits of CloudLinux for Hosted.com Customers

Thanks to the features it offers, you get a multitude of advantages that can significantly enhance your web hosting experience with Hosted.com. Their technology seamlessly integrates with our infrastructure, enabling us to offer you:

A Stable and Reliable Hosting Environment

CloudLinux’s core strength lies in preventing resource overload. By isolating user accounts (LVEs) and setting resource limits, and ensures that one user’s excessive resource usage doesn’t impact on others. This translates to fewer server crashes and a more stable hosting environment, minimizing the risk of downtime for your website.

Improved Website Performance

CloudLinux hosting ensures fair allocation of resources like CPU, memory, and bandwidth. This prevents resource-intensive apps, themes, and plugins from impacting the performance of your site. You get consistent and reliable performance without dips caused by other users on the server.

Faster loading times, and a consistently smooth experience, contribute to a better user experience for your website visitors. its focus on resource management plays a key role in achieving this.

Increased Security

They goes beyond resource management by offering features like CageFS, HardenedPHP, and SecureLinks as mentioned above. These features work together to create a more secure environment for your website, protecting it from common threats prevalent in shared hosting.

Website Hosting with Hosted.com Powered by CloudLinux

At Hosted.com, we’re committed to providing you with the best possible web hosting and domain services. That’s why we use CloudLinux, to take our hosting solutions to a whole new level.

Core features, like resource isolation and its focus on server stability, translate to a secure and reliable hosting environment. Your website benefits from protection against resource-hogging neighbors and our guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.

It ensures fair and efficient resource allocation. This combined with our finely tuned server infrastructure leads to faster loading times for your website. Your visitors will get a smooth and responsive browsing experience, which can lead to lower bounce rates, improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and potentially higher sales.

Finally, it integrates seamlessly with popular control panels like cPanel, making it the perfect partner for our cPanel Web Hosting plans. This means you’ll have a user-friendly interface to manage your website, even if you’re new to hosting and site management.

By integrating this cutting-edge technology, Hosted.com is helping set a new standard in the website hosting industry. This partnership combines our commitment to excellence with CloudLinux’s innovative approach to server optimization and security, resulting in an optimized hosting environment. This allows you to focus on growing your business with peace of mind, knowing your website is in good hands.


  1. Web hosting is the service that supplies the hardware and software that enables websites to be accessed on the Internet.
  2. CloudLinux is a specialized operating system for shared hosting, built on extensive Linux expertise.
  3. Its extensive experience and specialized focus on Linux make it a valuable asset in enhancing website hosting services.
  4. It provides a comprehensive suite of features designed to optimize hosting environments, including resource isolation, customizable limits, and enhanced security.
  5. CloudLinux technology enables Hosted.com to offer improved stability, performance, and resource management for its customers’ websites.
  6. The integration of its technology elevates Hosted.com’s hosting solutions, providing customers with a secure, reliable, and high-performance environment for their websites.


What is CloudLinux?

It is an operating system designed specifically for hosting environments, focusing on enhancing security, stability, and resource management.

Does CloudLinux improve website loading times?

Yes, by optimizing server resources and preventing overload, it can contribute to faster loading times for websites.

Can CloudLinux prevent my website from going down because of other users?

Yes, its resource isolation and limitation features help prevent one user’s activities from negatively impacting others on the same server.

Does using CloudLinux require any action from me?

No, it operates at the server level and is managed by Hosted.com. You don’t need to take any action.

How does CloudLinux affect server uptime?

It helps improve server stability, contributing to Hosted.com’s ability to offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

What features does CloudLinux offer?

It includes features like resource isolation, resource limits, PHP selector, kernel resource monitoring, CageFS, HardenedPHP, SecureLinks, MySQL Governor, and CloudLinux OS Rescue.

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