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Hosted.com is proud to have cPanel, the industry’s most trusted control panel for cPanel Web Hosting management as our partner. This collaboration helps us deliver superior hosting solutions, streamline website management, and boost customer satisfaction. With cPanel, the complexities of hosting administration are reduced, letting users focus on their businesses and creating content without the need to have a technical background.

What is cPanel?

At its core, cPanel is a web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) developed by cPanel, L.L.C. It acts as a centralized control panel for your web hosting account and for managing various aspects of your website’s technical backend.

cPanel control panel serves as a centralized hub for managing your web hosting account. It acts as an intermediary between you and the server, allowing you to perform a wide range of tasks without the need for command-line interactions, or advanced server knowledge.

Its clean and organized layout ensures that essential features are easily discoverable, allowing you to navigate and perform tasks efficiently. Whether you need to manage files, configure security settings, or monitor website statistics, cPanel’s intuitive interface reduces the learning curve and minimizes the risk of errors.

Having cPanel as our go-to control panel provider for our cPanel Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting plans simplifies the often-complex task of website management, making it accessible even to beginners.

This partnership solidifies our commitment to delivering top-tier hosting services and providing our clients with cutting-edge tools for easy, efficient website management.

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cPanel Features

With Web Hosting from Hosted.com, you get access to the power of cPanel’s user-friendly interface to manage your website effectively. Here are some of its key features:

Centralized Control Panel:

cPanel provides a way of managing all aspects of your hosting account. This eliminates the need to juggle multiple interfaces or complex tools.

Domain Management:

Manage your domains directly in the dashboard. This includes adding subdomains, creating email accounts, setting up redirects, and configuring DNS (Domain Name System) settings.

Simple File Manager:

cPanel’s intuitive file manager allows you to upload, edit, and organize website files directly in your web browser. This eliminates the need for complicated FTP clients.

Database Maintenance:

cPanel seamlessly integrates with popular databases like MySQL, allowing you to manage your website’s data directly. This eliminates the need to learn complex SQL commands or log in to separate platforms.

phpMyAdmin Integration:

In addition to direct MySQL access, cPanel often comes pre-installed with phpMyAdmin. This tool lets you create, edit, and maintain your site’s database with ease.

1-Click Installs:

Easily install popular software like the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) with just a few clicks. This helps you get your website up and running quickly.

These features are designed to save time and reduce the learning curve for both new and experienced website owners, allowing you to focus on your content and growing your business rather than grappling with the advanced aspects of web hosting and site management.

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The Benefits of cPanel for Web Hosting

Anyone who owns a website can benefit from the cPanel control panel This includes individuals with personal blogs, small businesses, and even large ecommerce stores to manage their hosting and domains. Although cPanel costs are higher than other web hosting control panels, its is the most well-known and familiar to most people.

Easy to Use:

cPanel’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to manage websites, from  beginners to advanced IT-skilled users. Its intuitive design and clear navigation simplify tasks.

Comprehensive Features:

cPanel offers a powerful toolkit for website administration. Manage files, databases, email accounts, domains, and more, all from one place.


Whether you’re managing a small personal blog or a large ecommerce site, cPanel can grow with you. It lets you manage multiple sites, domains, and accounts from one platform.


You can automate repetitive tasks, like software installs, backups, and updates. This saves you time and effort while keeping your site updated and safe without doing it manually.

Software Management:

cPanel comes pre-integrated with a vast library of popular applications, including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. This simplifies the installation and management of these additional software solutions.

Enhanced Security:

cPanel offers features like Secure Shell (SSH) access for advanced users, IP (Internet Protocol) address blocking, and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate encryption management. These all help protect your site and your visitors.

Getting Started with cPanel

Once you’ve signed up for cPanel Web Hosting, the first step is to log into cPanel with the necessary login credentials, Username, and Password. Once you’ve accessed the login page and logged in, you’ll see the interface.

The cPanel interface is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Upon logging in, you’ll see a clean and organized layout with various icons representing different tools and features.

The icons are grouped into categories, making it easier to find the functionality you want.

At the top of the interface, you’ll find a search bar that allows you to quickly locate specific tools or features by entering keywords. This can be particularly useful when you’re familiar with the task you want to perform but unsure as to where to find it within the interface.

Layout and Sections

Take some time to explore the different sections and icons within the cPanel interface. Some common sections you’ll encounter include:

  • Files: This section contains tools for file management, such as the File Manager, which allows you to upload, download, edit, and manage files on your web server.
  • Databases: Here, you can create and manage databases for your website, which are essential for dynamic content and applications like WordPress and e-commerce platforms.
  • Domains: This section enables you to manage your domains, including adding new domains, configuring subdomains, and setting up domain-level email accounts.
  • Metrics: In this section, you’ll find tools to monitor website statistics, bandwidth usage, and other performance metrics.
  • Software: This area provides access to script and application installers, allowing you to quickly set up, manage popular content management systems (CMS), and web applications.

Performing Tasks

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the interface, you can start performing common tasks. Here are a few examples:

  • Creating Email Accounts: Navigate to the “Email” section and locate the “Email Accounts” icon. Follow the prompts to create new email accounts for your domain.
  • Installing WordPress: In the “Software” section, find the “WordPress” icon and follow the installation wizard to set up a new WordPress website.
  • Managing Databases: Access the “Databases” section to create new databases, add users, and manage permissions for your web applications.
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Web Hosting with Hosted.com

Our cPanel-optimized infrastructure and geo-redundant servers boost website speed and reliability. In an era where every second counts in retaining visitor attention, this performance edge can translate into higher engagement, lower bounce rates, and improved search engine rankings.

Our hosting plans offer a strong website security foundation. You get the best in cutting-edge tools with features like firewalls, malware detection and removal, and a free SSL Certificate to provide you with comprehensive protection for your website and hosting account.

By incorporating these, we help make sure that your website’s files and data are safe from ever-evolving cyber threats.

Hosted.com offers several cPanel Web Hosting plans, catering to the needs of different websites and budgets; with streamlined migration support for new customers looking to switch from other control panels and providers.

This is particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The combination of our affordable packages and cPanel’s comprehensive tools is a cost-effective solution for launching and managing a professional website. All of this leads to a superior hosting experience without straining your budget.

Additionally, our dedicated Customer Support team is equipped with in-depth knowledge of cPanel Web Hosting, ensuring that you receive prompt and accurate assistance with any queries.

The web hosting landscape is evolving, with increasing demands for speed, security, and ease of use. Having cPanel as a provider, we’re not just keeping up with these changes but staying ahead of the curve. This proactive approach underscores Hosted.com’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions.

cPanel Web Hosting with Hosted.com delivers an environment that is powerful and secure while being intuitive and user-friendly. As businesses increasingly rely on their websites for growth and customer engagement, we ensure that you have the online tools and support to succeed.


  1. cPanel is a comprehensive web-based control panel that serves as a centralized hub for managing your web hosting account.
  2. The benefits of cPanel are ease of use, a comprehensive feature set, scalability, time-saving automation, enhanced security, and centralized control.
  3. cPanel’s features include file management, database administration, email account creation, domain management, software installations, website analytics, and security and access control.
  4. Getting started with cPanel involves logging in, navigating the intuitive interface, familiarizing yourself with the layout and sections, and performing common tasks.
  5. With Web Hosting from Hosted.com you get reliability, performance, customer support, affordable pricing, and advanced security features.


What is cPanel?

A user-friendly web hosting control panel that simplifies website and hosting management.

Who uses cPanel?

cPanel is used by website owners, web developers & designers, whether beginners or not.

What are the benefits of cPanel?

The benefits include easy-to-use, comprehensive features, centralized control, scalability, automation, and security features.

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