A free domain name registration and a free SSL Certificate.

A free domain name registration and a free SSL Certificate and are at the forefront of your journey to starting your new website and setting up your online presence. At Hosted.com, our customers’ satisfaction and knowledge of our products, features and offers, are significantly important to us.

We’ve put this article together to help you take advantage and benefit from a free Domain Name and SSL Certificate as an early part of this process.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is used to identify an IP address on the internet, whether it is for a website, a network, an email service, etc. It is the ‘address’ that finds a particular site when entered into a browser, the same way the location of a building will have a street address.

Every device that connects to the Internet has its unique IP address (Internet Protocol address) that is numerical in nature and is identifiable between the devices themselves. A domain name is the readable, human equivalent and is allocated to the specific IP address of the user when registered.

Domain names are important for businesses as they identify their online presence on the Internet, and thus help them reach a wider audience. It also helps to create a unique identity for a business, which is significant for branding and promotion.

Most domain names, especially for popular businesses, can be found via a search engine. Choosing the perfect domain name prefix (the name of a website before the TLD e.g. .com), can also help make a website more memorable to its visitors.

Registering a domain name allows you to create standard email addresses for your business, like sales@, info@, support@. As a small business owner, in the process of getting online, you can still register your domain name, sign up for Email Hosting and begin using emails to gain a more professional look.

What is a TLD?

Each domain consists of two parts, the domain name and the suffix TLD (Top-Level Domain).

TLDs are available in various types, such as generic top-level domains (gTLDs) including .com, .net, .org, and .info; or country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) such as .us for the United States .ca for Canada .uk for the United Kingdom. There are various second-level domain (SLD), these are 2 or 3-letter prefixes to a CCTLD, for example .gov.us, .mil.us, for the US government and military respectively, .edu.us for educational institutions. SLDs are rarely referred to as such.

What is an SSL Certificate and Why is it Important for Your Website?

An SSL Certificate is an important security measure for any website. It stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is a security protocol that encrypts the data between your website’s server and your visitor’s browser. This helps protect sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, passwords, and other personal data entered on your website, from hackers.

For any website that requires users to log in or enter personal information an SSL Certificate is a must-have. It helps ensure that data sent between two online devices is secure. Additionally, it can also help boost a website’s search engine rankings, as search engines like Google recognize sites with SSL Certificates as more trustworthy and secure.

Having an SSL Certificate is non-negotiable for websites that accept payments, as customers will not enter their credit card information. The SSL Certificates currently available for ecommerce are, an OV SSL Certificate (Organization Validated for light ecommerce traffic, and the more substantial EV (Extended Validated) SSL Certificate for large ecommerce enterprises. An EV SSL Certificate offer the highest form of security currently available on the Internet for any website.

How to Get a Free SSL Certificate With Hosted.com

By following the registration process, you will not only get a free Domain Name* with some of our plans – but you will also receive one of the best free SSL Certificates across all hosting plans, as well as a free Email SSL Certificate with the Email Hosting plans.

As online businesses become more prevalent, it’s important to keep your data secure and your customer’s data safe. Our free SSL (Secure Socket Layer) authenticates your business, adds credibility to your brand, and gets a thumbs-up from search engines. Our plans include easy setup, 24/7 customer support, and a secure environment for your sensitive data. Secure your website and protect your data with a free SSL Certificate from Hosted.com. Protect your customers’ data and add credibility to your business. Get a thumbs-up from search engines and reach more potential customers. Contact us today to get started.

How to Get a Free Domain Name* With Hosted.com

Hosted.com offers a free Domain Name* registration on a range of hosting plans. Each of our hosting plans have been tailored to meet the needs of anyone looking for a hosting solution that offers security, stability, and speed, with expert staff to answer your questions and assist you to get your website online as simply and easily as possible.

Customers signing up for any of our qualifying cPanel Hosting, WordPress Hosting or Email Hosting plans can register their domain name for free*. Free Domain Registration* with Hosted.com applies to the domain name extensions .com and .online and needs to be selected at the time of subscription, as it cannot be added later.

cPanel Web Hosting Plans

Hosted.com provides secure, reliable, and fast cPanel hosting plans that are designed to ensure the best performance for your website. Our cPanel Web Hosting solutions are all about speed, stability, and security, and with Hosted.com, you can host on one of the best web hosting infrastructures at very affordable prices.

The cPanel control panel is easy to use and packed with features, so you can manage your website easily and efficiently. You can quickly create and manage databases, files, set up email accounts, and much more.

Security is also top-notch with Hosted.com’s cPanel hosting. The servers are regularly scanned for malware and malicious software, and your website is protected by powerful firewalls. Furthermore, the team at Hosted.com is available to provide you with security advice and support if necessary.

cPanel is one of the most user-friendly control panels available for managing your website hosting, and Hosted.com makes it even better by offering free domain registration* on the selected TLDs when you take out selected cPanel Web Hosting plans.

Email Hosting Plans

Free Domain Registration from Hosted.com also applies to a selection of our Email Hosting plans which vary between the gigabytes of Disk Space offered (50GB – 100GB – 200GB) and the number of Email addresses Accounts (50 – 100 – 200).

3 Easy Steps to Get Your Free Domain Registration*

Be sure to establish that your domain name is available for registration by using our free Whois Lookup. Bear in mind that our free domain registration* offer is only valid for .com and .online TLDs.

Free domain registration* from Hosted.com applies to:
cPanel and WordPress – Innovator, Navigator, and Trailblazer Hosting plans
Email Hosting – 50, 100 and 200 plans

Select “BUY NOW” under the plan of your choice and the next page will guide you through your Hosting Configuration, you can enter your Domain Name, register a new one, or transfer an already existing one, before clicking “PROCEED TO CART”.

The following page, Review, and Checkout will finalize your order before payment is made. Once you’ve clicked “CHECKOUT”, you will reach the Login or Create a New Account page, where you will enter the relevant details and payment details.

*Terms and Conditions Apply.


  • Hosted.com offers a free Domain Name on a selection of hosting plans for anyone looking to get started on the web. 
  • Registering a domain name is the first step for businesses to get an online presence and thereby target a wider audience.
  • Free Domain Registration* from Hosted.com applies to selected products under our cPanel Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Email Hosting plans.
  • An SSL Certificate is an important security measure for any website, encrypting the data between your website and its visitors and protects sensitive data.
  • Free SSL Certificates and Free Email SSL Certificates are available on all our Hosted.com hosting plans.