The Right Domain Name can Boost your Business Online

As an entrepreneur, when it comes to choosing a domain name it’s not just about adding a “.com” extension to your small business’ company name. It’s about taking a little time to get innovative and hopefully make a memorable impression in the online space with the right domain name.

Get your Domain Name to Stand Out from the Crowd

With over a billion websites out there, you need a domain name that not only defines your small business but can possibly set it above the average crowd. Sure, SEO and online marketing will always boost your visibility on the web however, a carefully chosen one will make your business unforgettable.

It’s the secret sauce for building your brand, while making it easier for people to find you online, rather than battling to remember what your domain name was. Be innovative but always bear in mind that you need to keep it as short and easy to spell as possible.

Let Your Domain Make you Look Professional

Credibility is king in the business realm, so as a startup or small business owner, owning your domain name shows that you are concerned about being seen as a professional and that you do have a long-term vision. It lets people know that you mean business and you are willing to invest in its success no matter how small you may be starting out. In addition, it can assist in fostering trust amongst your potential online audience.

Registering a domain is the easy part, coming up with that perfect name, whether as a professional, a consultant, an entrepreneur, startup or small business owner can make a world of difference. and let the world know you mean business.

Rock Those @YourDomainName Email Addresses

Having an email address like EXAMPLE: can help state your credibility to suppliers, consultants, third parties and future clients. Think about it – who would you trust more: someone sending you a quote from a generic email address, or from their own branded email address? The latter would always be preferred, as it can indicate credibility and brand awareness like nothing else.

If you are still getting your website designed, you can save money by just signing up for Email Hosting and you can then get cracking with your professional looking email communication.

Show Them What You’re About

If your company name is rather ordinary, or doesn’t clearly reflect your products or services, then you can also consider registering multiple domain names. If you have the budget to spend a little more registering a couple of alternatives that do fit the bill, can be just what you need to ‘fill in the gaps’.

For example, if you sell amazing coffee, why not go for something like “Aroma Roast Coffee”. Its catchy, it’s clear, its memorable and it will resonate with your potential customers.

This is called URL forwarding, whereby these additional domains can all be pointed via your DNS settings to your main website, and thereby act as a funnel to drive traffic to it.


Did you know that you don’t have to use a .com URL extension? There are multiple other options available that can probably help define your domain name even further.

If you are a tech-oriented company than consider registering your domain with a .tech extension (gTLD). Similarly, if you are an IT consultant adding an .it extension can be just the thing you need. These gTLDs are varied and cover multiple industry sectors, so you are certain to find something that can help your small business stand out, even if you have a small online store, a .online could be perfect for you.

Your domain name can truly speak volumes about your consultancy, small business, startup, or SME’s identity, the products or services that you have to offer, and your branding, the possibilities are endless.


– Keep your domain name short and as to the point as possible.
– Make it easy to remember.
– Do not use weird and funky spelling.
– Make certain that it is easy to pronounce.
– Go for a unique name and domain name extension that can perfectly fit your vibe, your business and your services.

Stay alert, stay professional, and conquer the digital world search for your new domain and register it today. Should you want to understand how to choose the perfect domain name, then this article has all the tips.

If you already have your domain and would like to transfer it to us, then please do so on our Transfer Domain page, or our Bulk Transfer page.

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