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Hosted.com – Support Team, Knowledgebase and Blog for help with WordPress

Included when you move your domains to Hosted.com

Get value-added services for each of your domains when you move them to Hosted.com.

Hosted.com – Domain Parking

Domain Parking

FREE Domain Name Parking until your website is ready to launch.

Hosted.com – Domain Blacklist Check

Blacklist Checking

Double check that your domain name has not been blacklisted.

Hosted.com - Domain Management Control Panel

Simple Management

Professional and easy to use FREE domain management control panel.

Hosted.com – Expert Support

Expert Support

We give great support for domain transfers and registrations, as well as hosting.

Hosted.com – FREE DNS Hosting

DNS Hosting

FREE DNS Hosting on Hosted.com’s geo-redundant DNS servers.

Hosted.com – URL Redirection or URL Forwarding

URL Redirection

Our FREE Domain Pointing tool makes it easy to redirect to an existing website.

Hosted.com – 1-Click DNS Security

1-Click DNSSEC

Easy DNS security implementation with our FREE 1-Click DNSSEC solution.

Hosted.com Is It Up Website Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring

Status-check your website’s online presence with our FREE “Is It Up” tool.

Reasons to move your domains to Hosted.com

Hosted.com – Bulk Domain Transfers

Experience the following benefits when you move your domains to us.

Hosted.com - 99.9% Uptime


Hosted.com- Robust security


Hosted.com – Domain Transfer Support


Hosted.com - Ability to Scale

to scale

Hosted.com – Fast Loading Times

Extremely fast
loading times

Hosted.com – Affordable products for the Small Business Owner


Hosted.com – Very Functional Control Panel


Hosted.com – Top trusted infrastructure & support

Company you
can trust

Don’t miss out! Get the perks you deserve – move your domains to Hosted.com!

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Hosted.com – Support Team, Knowledgebase and Blog for help with WordPress

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