What is WHOIS?

Have you ever wondered who the owner of a particular domain is? Or found yourself skeptical about a particular website’s legitimacy?

That’s what WHOIS is for. The name WHOIS should read like a question “Who is?”.

WHOIS is a database containing information about registered domain names and their owners. It includes details such as the registered domain owner or registrar's contact information, registration and expiration dates, name servers, and more.

How do I use Hosted.com’s WHOIS Lookup Tool?

Simply enter the domain name you want to look up in the search bar at the top of this page. Click on the orange icon to retrieve the WHOIS information for that particular registered domain name.

WHOIS Domain Lookup Benefits

When a domain name is registered, a Registrar is required to capture the domain owner's details
and share this with the WHOIS database.

The WHOIS database is publicly accessible and can help SME's do a domain registration lookup for any domain name.
The information obtained can be useful to:

Hosted.com – Domain Registration

Verify the legitimacy of a website.


Check your domain’s registration details are correct.


Check the purchase and expiry dates of a domain name.


Obtain a domain's nameservers and DNSSEC status.

Why is WHOIS important and who can use it?

Domain Ownership Verification

It allows individuals or organizations to verify the ownership of a domain name.

Legal and Administrative Purposes

WHOIS data is used for legal and administrative purposes, such as resolving disputes and enforcing domain registration policies.


It helps identify potential cybersecurity threats or domain-related issues. WHOIS data is accessible to the public, including domain registrants, businesses, law enforcement agencies, and individuals interested in a domain’s ownership information.

3 Top Reasons to Choose
Hosted.com's WHOIS Lookup Tool

Hosted.com's WHOIS Lookup Tool offers several benefits:



It ensures accurate and up-to-date WHOIS data for domain name lookups.


Ease of Use

Our WHOIS Tool is user-friendly, making it simple to retrieve domain ownership information.



Use our valuable tool to obtain peace of mind by identifying any potential cybersecurity threats or domain-related problems. This information is essential for maintaining the security and integrity of online assets.

Protect yourself online

Having access to the details of domain name owners is a good thing, except when it is not a good thing. For example, if you are the domain name owner and your personal information is being shared and people are using it to spam you. Protecting your information online is critical to your online safety. And there are a couple of things you can do about it, namely:

Securing Your Website Practices

Implement SSL Certificates for encryption, use strong passwords, and keep your software and systems updated to prevent data breaches.

Being Mindful of Sharing Personal Information

Avoid sharing sensitive personal information online unless necessary and use privacy settings on social media platforms.

Our top WHOIS FAQs

You can find out the owner of a domain by using Hosted.com's WHOIS Lookup. Our tool searches the WHOIS database, containing details about registered domain names and their registrants. Details like the name of the domain owner, contact details, registration date, and expiration date can be obtained by entering the domain name into a Hosted.com's WHOIS Lookup.

If a domain owner has chosen privacy protection services when registering their domain name, their contact information may be hidden. In these cases, you can try contacting the domain owner through a contact form on their website or through the hosting provider's privacy protection service.

Yes, most domain registrars and hosting companies allow domain owners to update their WHOIS data through online account management portals. However, these procedures and restrictions may vary, so it's best to check if this is possible by contacting your hosting provider for guidance.

While WHOIS data is generally reliable, accuracy can vary due to factors like the diligence of registrants and timeliness of updates by hosting companies. Information contained in the database is also trusted because this data needs to be updated and maintained by the registrants. It is advisable to verify WHOIS data through multiple sources and conduct additional research as needed.

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