Hosted PBX in the Cloud, Powered by 3CX & UnCapped Voice

Cost-effective Calls - Make & Take Calls from Anywhere to Anywhere.’s new fully managed, Cloud-based Hosted PBX Phone System with UnCapped Local & Cell Phone Calls.

UnCapped Voice Minutes
Powered by 3CX PBX Platform
Suitable for SMEs
Hosted in the Cloud

Pro Hosted PBX Packages

* The 087 numbers allocated to the PBX are rented numbers and cannot be moved away
* Due to licenses these packages do not form part of our 60 day money back guarantee
* One calendar months notice is required for all cancellations
* Due to licenses these packages cannot be downgraded
* Fair usages policy on uncapped calls applies
* All Prices Include Tax

All Hosted PBX Packages Include

Uncapped Calls*
Easy Usage
IOS & Android App Integration
Call Groups
Management by*
150 Features
Superb Voice Quality
Voicemail & Call Routing
Cloud Hosting
Basic or Advanced IVR
Live Chat
International Extensions
Quick & Easy Set-up
Complete Scalability & Flexibility
Video Conferencing
On Hold Music and/or Message

Can I port my existing number?

Yes, in most cases your existing phone number can be ported to your Hosted PBX service (porting means to transfer your number from one telephone company to another). Please contact customer service to check on your specific number’s

Comparison between Standard and Pro

Call Recordings
Office Productivity
Microsoft 365 Integration
Web Conferencing Participants
Advanced Features
CRM Integration
Group Call Management
Call Queues
Call Reports
Supervisior Agent Status Override
Call & Queue Reporting
Call Recording transcription Search
Listen In
Barge In
Custom SMTP Server
Load More Features

UnCapped Voice in the Cloud is a gamechanger for SMEs in South Africa

Now your teams can efficiently make and take calls at the office, from home or just about anywhere with our the full cloud-based 3CX PBX Platform. Unlike traditional PABX phone systems, which are negatively affected by landline cable theft and load-shedding, Hosted PBX in the Cloud is not at risk of any of these challenges.

Here's what SMEs can look forward to with our incredible Hosted PBX solution:
Core Features
IOS App & Andriod App
Intercom / Paging
Web App & Windows App
Call Park / Pickup
Receive Voicemail via Email
Digital Receptionist
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
80Kbps Per Concurrent Voice Call
Custom SMTP Server (Only available on Pro version)’s Hosted PBX solution offers customers the flexibility to make and accept calls from any device; that includes a complete range of applications for IOS, Android, Web & Windows as well as multiple voicemail options, at unbeatable prices. Tried & Tested! Our teams have been using the 3CX Hosted PBX system for the past 4 years with great success.

Office Productivity
Auto Attendant
Ring Extension & Mobile Simultaneously
Easy Phone Provisioning
Phone Directory

Clear, professional and streamlined telephony is required in order to make any office run optimally, especially when working remotely. 3CX Hosted PBX lets you enjoy the same professional benefits as a traditional switchboard system, with no limitations – phone from anywhere.

Web Conferencing
Remote Assistance
PDF Sharing
White Board
Screen Sharing

Web conferencing is becoming the new normal, and ‘better the solution’, then ‘better the outcome’. Save time, money and eliminate confusion, with our Hosted PBX solution’s advanced web conferencing features.

Advanced Features
Call Logging
Click2Call Browser Extension

Our Hosted PBX solution offers a high-quality voice solution; that not only saves time and money, but also improves team efficiency. Advanced features like click2talk, which enables an immediate web-based phone call connection in real-time, and Click2Meet, which enables an immediate video call connection, make it easier to get into contact with team members and clients, with just a click of a button. Call Logging (Pro version) allows you to obtain reports regarding call origin, start and end times as well as transmission characteristics. Manage calls directly from your browser with the Click 2 Call Browser Extension feature. * For more information on the physical phones please contact customer support for a quote.

Live Chat
Facebook Messaging

In businesses, communication is always essential; that’s why our Hosted PBX solution facilitates effortless communication via voice, video and quick chat. Includes Live Chat and Facebook Messaging features.

How does Hosted PBX work?

Say goodbye to traditional switchboard systems – you don't need them anymore. All your employees need is either a smartphone, their laptop, or a desktop. To access the Hosted PBX solution, we will provide you with an IOS, Android App or Desktop/Laptop App, which will give you direct access to the 3CX system. We can also provide actual phone units should you require them, for the more traditional individual. Want to bring your own device? Hosted PBX solution supports BYOD with regards to a specific list of make and models. Ask us about these.

What number will you have?

We can either provide you with 087 numbers, or you can port your current telephone number and use it with the PBX system.

Hosted PBX Terminology


Voice over Internet Protocol: technology that turns voice into digital signals allowing a person to make and accept calls over the internet.


Private Branch Exchange: a telephone system with the ability to switch calls between users.


Private Automatic Branch Exchange: a telephone system with the ability to switch calls between users.


Session Initiation Protocol: A signalling protocol used for enabling real-time sessions for voice applications (including video & messaging).


3CX is a communication software based PBX (Private Branch Exchange) based on the SIP standard.


Interactive Voice Response: the technology that facilitates interaction with the Auto Attendant (i.e. “For sales - press 1”, “For accounts - press 2”, etc.).


The system is hosted in the Cloud from our highly secure N+1 Data Centre based at Teraco (Johannesburg).


Quality of Service: QoS is the description, or measurement, of the overall performance of a service, e.g. a telephony or computer network, or a cloud computing service.

8 reasons to choose our VoIP System

World Class 3CX Software
This software offers customers next-level business features as well as built-in security and backup, live chat and video conferencing.’s Solid Infrastructure
Hosted locally at the N+1 Teraco data centre in Johannesburg, Your VoIP solution will benefit from’s 99.9% uptime.
Powered by Vox Carrier Grade Voice
Powered by Vox Carrier Grade Voice, Vox carrier-grade voice solution is a leader in the South African market offering customers exceptional quality voice that is scalable and affordable.
Answer Calls at the Office or Remotely
Our Hosted PBX solution allows customers to take and make crystal clear calls anywhere. Callers to your company’s departments will never know the difference.
Local is Lekker
As a local company, making use of local infrastructure and partners, our Hosted PBX customers are supporting local businesses.
UnCapped - You Save!
Uncapped VoIP means all our customers save on their telephone bills. Customers can now budget easily based on a fixed VoIP price. (*T&Cs apply)
Feature Rich
With over 150 features, including an Auto Attendant, (IVR), call routing, voicemail and internal extensions, your business will have all the benefits of a traditional switchboard without the associated risks.
Superior Quality
With 3CX software, Vox carrier grade voice and’s infrastructure, the quality of this product is unmatched in the industry. Experience fast, crystal clear voice calls.

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