- Website Builder is a cPanel Web Hosting Add-on

Our Website Builder is only available as an add-on to cPanel Web Hosting plans.

Our Website Builder is a piece of cake!

Small businesses and startups need all the help they can get. Our Website Builder is not only affordable but is incredibly easy to use so you can do it yourself. If you know how to Drag & Drop and Copy & Paste – you can build your own website… it really is that easy!

Add Website Builder to your cPanel Web Hosting and get the following included: – cPanel Hosting with Free Domain Registration T's & C's apply

Domain Name* – Website Builder – Spam & Virus Filtering

Spam & Virus
Filtering - Website Builder Control Panel

Control Panel - Website Builder Free SSL Certificate

Certificate - Website Builder Superior Support

Support - Website Builder Secure Backups


* FREE Domain Registration with cPanel Web Hosting applies to the following domain name extensions: .com, .online and is only applicable at time of purchase. All Premium Domain Names are Excluded. Should you not include your free domain name at time of subscription, the free domain registration CANNOT be added later. All Website Builder Terms and Conditions and T's & C's apply.

Building your own website has never been this simple

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Create a professional
online look, today!

With's Website Builder you'll have access to 200+ professionally designed templates. Showcase your business exactly how you want to.

View templates - Website Builder over 200 Professional Templates

Build it, and they will come. Here’s how: – Pick a Template

Pick a

Choose your
favorite from 200+ professionally designed templates. – Edit your Template

Edit your

Make the template your own by changing layout, colors, fonts, images*, etc. – Drag & Drop Widgets

Drag &

Functionality you want, Drag & Drop any widget wherever you want it to go. – Copy & Paste

Copy &

Replace text by copying & pasting paragraphs or lines from any document*.

* Refer T's & C's pertaining to Intellectual Property and Content.

Building your own website has never been this simple

Try the demo

Features & functionality to help you create the best website

Here is a quick overview of some of the main features our Website Builder has to offer you.
Our templates and widgets are high quality, interactive and guaranteed
to help make your website as professional looking as possible. – Responsive Design


Whether a visitor is viewing your site on a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop our responsive Website Builder ensures it will display perfectly. - Drag & Drop Widgets

Drag & Drop

Our widgets offer you additional functionality and can easily be dragged and dropped into place as you create your website. – E-commerce Functionality

E-commerce Functionality

From simple to advanced, you can even build your own eCommerce store with various integrated payment gateways. – Free SSL


An SSL Certificate will enhance the security of your website and, apart from ensuring visitors’ information safety, will improve your SEO ranking. – Over 200 Designed Templates


We have over 200+ carefully crafted, and professionally designed templates that offer an array of features and flexibility, allowing you to create a modern and vibrant website with ease. – Social Media Plugins


Make your website “sticky” by adding social media, video, podcast and gallery plugins. You don't even need to hassle with copying and pasting any code, we make it that super easy. – Preview & Publish

Preview & Publish Buttons

Finished? With our Website Builder you can preview how your website will display on various mobile devices. When you are satisfied, simply click the Publish button. – SEO & Stats Feature

SEO & Stats

This user-friendly SEO feature helps you gain visibility on search engines like Google. Plus, it integrates with the Google Analytics tracking code, so you can gain valuable visitor insights.

Widgets to help you build an incredible website

Choosing your Website Builder template is only the beginning. With our wide range of Widgets, you can
take your website from ordinary to extraordinary with an effortless Drag and Drop motion.

Plugins like eCommerce, video, maps, calendars, forms, appointments, and more, not only help you
improve engagement on your website but can also help you streamline your business. – please read the Website Builder Terms & Conditions prior to purchase

Website Builder Terms & Conditions:


Website Builder websites cannot be moved or transferred, as they are specific to the ISP platform and infrastructure.


An individual website cannot be restored, as Website Builder is backed up in its entirety.


However, the UNDO functionality is always available to ensure that mistakes may be rectified.


Website Builder is only available per individual domain.


Should you be utilising Website Builder to overwrite an existing website on your domain, please make certain that you have backed up the original (existing) website in its entirety.


Website Builder Widgets/plugins are offered by various third-party suppliers and as such, you may be requested to register with the party concerned prior to utilising their plugin/widget.


The onus is on you to ensure that all your content and images, etc. are fully and reliably backed up PRIOR to requesting cancellation of your Website Builder package.


After cancellation of your Website Builder solution, your website will no longer be displayed on the Internet, and any plugins will not be available. Universal Ts & Cs apply.

Top FAQs relating to's Website Builder

No, every domain requires a separate Website Builder plan. The Website Builder has been created to give anyone the ability to create a well-designed, professional looking website that has advanced functionality, and can be added on to a cPanel Hosting plan for a very reasonable price.

Yes, you can. We have a Live Demo version available for exactly that purpose. The Demo is based on the Website Builder Add-on plan so will give you a really good overview of all the available widgets and professionally design templates that are available.

Once your payment has been processed the Website Builder plan will be activated. You can then login to your account.

Under Manage Services on the left-side menu, you can click Website Builder on the dropdown.

Note: Website Builder will not load if you have disabled/blocked Popups.

Yes, the Embed Widget under the Content Elements tab will allow you to add code or other elements as you wish.

WYSIWYG is an acronym for 'what you see is what you get' and is an advanced HTML editor that allows you to adjust and manipulate all types of website content, and widgets, without having to write any HTML code.

When placing any widgets (portions of code that have a specific function), you simply click on it and, holding your mouse button down, drag it to where you want to place it on your web page and release the mouse button.

Yes, you can. You can set up email addresses and accounts very easily. Just login to your account and select Website Builder under Manage Services on the left-side menu.

Then click the cPanel icon and proceed from there. Alternatively, you can submit a Ticket with a list of the email accounts you would like to Support, requesting us to set them up for you.

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