Get the Best in WordPress Hosting brings you the best in WordPress Hosting so your WordPress site can run like a well-oiled "machine". Plus, we take care of all the technical stuff.

WooCommerce Optimized

Our servers have been optimized and specifically tuned for WordPress and WooCommerce to ensure that your website runs on a platform that is fast, stable and secure.

Free SSL Certificates

We believe in all things secure, this is why we provide you with Free SSL Certificates for your WordPress websites.

LiteSpeed Webserver

The fastest web server technology available for hosting WordPress websites. Accelerate your website with the WordPress LiteSpeed Cache Plugin. – the Best in WordPress Hosting

FREE with each PLAN

FREE Domain Name*
LiteSpeed Cache Plugin
Patchman Security
Malware Protection
FREE SSL Certificate
Premium Support
cPanel Control Panel
1-Click WordPress Install
Unlimited Traffic
Staging Environment
Daily Backups
PHP 8.x Support

*Free Domain Registration applies to the following domain name extensions: .com, .online and is only applicable at time of purchase.
Free Domain Registration depends on the selected hosting plan and only applies on 12, 24 and 36 month billing cycles.
All listed prices exclude Premium domain names.

WordPress Hosting by – It's Fast, Stable and Secure

The hardware for our WordPress Hosting servers has been selected and optimized to provide your website with the best performance on the market.

With utilizing only carrier grade hardware and trusted software solutions like Cloudlinux, LiteSpeed and Acronis, we are able to offer the performance and stability your WordPress website deserves.

Along with the performance and stability benefits your WordPress website will get with our WordPress Hosting, your website is also protected by a tailored suite of security solutions comprising of Patchman, Monarx, ImmunifyAV and Bitninja. - fine-tuned WordPress Hosting servers for high performance, speed, stability and security

WordPress Hosting vs Shared Hosting for WordPress

Why choose


The WordPress Toolkit simplifies the management of your WordPress website.


Servers that are specifically designed & optimized for WordPress.


Backed by experienced WordPress support technicians.

Let’s unpack our
WordPress Hosting features

Because complicated WordPress hosting is so yesterday, our user-friendly packages include the following:

Secure WordPress with 1-click security

1-Click WordPress Security*

Utilize our 1-Click WordPress Security feature to secure and strengthen your WordPress website, without requiring any technical expertise.

Patch WordPress plugin vulnerabilities

Patchman Security

Patchman automatically applies patches to outdated WordPress versions, safeguarding your WordPress website against known vulnerabilities.

WordPress Toolkit for easy website management

WordPress Toolkit*

The WordPress Toolkit provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to efficiently manage all aspects of your WordPress website with just a few clicks.

WordPress Staging to check your website before you go live

WordPress Staging Environment*

Duplicate your WordPress website to a staging area where you can safely make updates and changes without impacting your live site. Then just effortlessly clone your staging environment back to the live site.

WordPress Smart Updates Tool

Plugin Updates*

We make use of a Smart Update tool to ensure that every plugin is updated automatically when it becomes available. The same tool will compare pages afterwards to make sure there are no breaks on your WordPress website. – High Performance WordPress infrastructure

Optimized Performance

Our dedicated infrastructure has been designed and optimized to prioritize a WordPress website’s performance, security, and stability, so you get the fastest and best WordPress hosting.

Daily Acronis WordPress backups

Acronis Backups

Nobody needs the stress of lost pages. That’s why all our Managed WordPress Hosting plans come with daily Acronis backups, that enable you to restore your data instantly if needed.

Litespeed WordPress Website Caching Plugin

LiteSpeed Caching

The ultimate optimization plugin that covers all your WordPress needs, LiteSpeed Cache enhances the performance of your WordPress website - no questions asked.

Next Level Security Protects your WordPress website

Malware Protection

Our WordPress servers boast next-level security enhancements like scanning and monitoring tools to help safeguard your website against malware and attacks. – Easy to use cPanel Control Panel


Naturally, you’ll get access to the acclaimed cPanel Control Panel to allow you to manage every aspect of your WordPress Website Hosting effortlessly. – User friendly Customer Portal Customer Portal

Get access to our Customer Portal where you can manage all your plans from one convenient and comprehensive platform. – WordPress Plans support Developers in SFTP, WP-CLI, GIT and Shell Access

Developer Friendly

We are all about making hosting easier that’s why we support WP-CLI, SFTP, Shell Access and GIT on all our WordPress Hosting plans. – Specialized WordPress Support

WordPress Experts

No matter the issue our dedicated support team has undergone specialized WordPress training to ensure your success every time in resolving any WordPress query you may have. – Complimentary Migration Service

FREE WordPress Migration

No need to concern yourself with the migration of your WordPress website. Our skilled WordPress customer service team will handle it as a complimentary service to you. – WordPress online security with free SSL Certificates


We provide free SSL certificates for all WordPress websites hosted with us, so you can show your customers you take online security seriously. – USA servers with multiple network providers for redundancy

Locally Hosted

Our servers are in the USA. We have established connections with all the prominent local internet exchanges and multiple network providers to ensure redundancy.

* Ts & Cs apply.

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This is how hard our WordPress Hosting Servers rock!’s outstanding IT team dedicated months to fine-tuning and enhancing every aspect of our servers’ hardware and software infrastructure, guaranteeing optimal stability, security, and performance. - fine-tuned WordPress Hosting servers for high performance, speed, stability and security

Why choose WordPress Hosting?

We're ALL about performance & uptime

With us, you are guaranteed fast WordPress Hosting with 99.9% uptime. That's because your WordPress website's performance is our priority!

Taking your hosting security to the max

Our WordPress Hosting service is back-to-back with firewalls, malware detection, and SSL certificates, so you can rest easy.

We make hosting simple & smart

With us, you get an easy and intuitive Control Panel and user interface. This makes it easier to manage and streamline your WordPress Hosting.

Feel free to change your plan

In business, things change all the time. That's why at it is easy to scale to the next WordPress Hosting plan. This way you can stay agile.

We're nerdy about support

We think giving our best and most expert WordPress Hosting support is super cool. We stay in the know and aim to have the fastest responses.

Our top WordPress Hosting FAQs

WordPress is a free, open-source, website CMS (content management system) and is one of the easiest ways to build your website. Because it is open source, many developers have contributed toward it and its variety of plugins. WordPress has website elements (Plugins) that are Drag & Drop, which allows the average person to build a professional website with no programming skills. It has become so popular, that globally, it is currently estimated at being the platform that over 40% of website owners are using.

For more information, please read our in-depth Knowledgebase article: Does WordPress have Free Templates?

Yes, WordPress does have free templates. The WordPress themes cover a variety of different industries, so you are certain to find the one that is perfect for your WordPress website.

All the themes are designed to be perfectly viewable across any mobile device, this is called responsive-design and allows the website's pages to adjust according to the size of the screen that the viewer is using.

For more information, please read our in-depth Knowledgebase article: Does WordPress have Free Templates?

Yes and no. Yes, in that the WordPress software can be downloaded and installed on a local web server that is setup for web hosting, this does require a certain amount of technical skill. The best option, however, is Managed WordPress Hosting where a hosting provider installs WordPress on their infrastructure and manages it for their clients. You, as the website's owner/builder, will then pay a monthly for the service.

For more information, please read our Knowledgebase article: Can I Install WordPress on My Laptop?

All plans are backed up on a daily basis using Acronis' Cloud Solution, giving you peace of mind that your data is secure.

For additional information, we would recommend reading the Knowledgebase article: How to Backup a WordPress Website.

Securing your WordPress website is very important because it is such a globally used platform. As soon as you have installed the WordPress app via our Control Panel, we would highly recommended that you do the following to secure your login details:

Immediately change the Default Username: admin and ensure your new password contains acceptable characters, numbers, lower- and upper-case letters. Refer our Knowledgebase article: How to Change Your Password for WordPress.

Next, change your Administration Email Account Password.

Turn on 2-Factor Authentication usually referred to as 2FA, so you can receive your Username and Password on your cell phone as well as email. Reference our Knowledgebase articles: What is Two-Factor Authentication and How to Setup 2-Factor Authentication.

Yes, they are on a separate infrastructure.'s WordPress servers are specifically configured (both hardware and software) to ensure maximum speed and security, and optimal performance, for your WordPress website. The email environment has changed dramatically over the past years, as more and more people access their mails across multiple devices. This means that they are not downloading them from the server, which in turn creates an additional load on hosting servers. has created a separate email server platform for WordPress clients so as to avoid this additional load from impacting their WordPress websites' loading speeds.

For more info, please refer: Do I Get Email Account with My WordPress Hosting?

Should you wish to know more about WordPress Hosting, please refer to our Blogs; A Beginner's Guide to WordPress Hosting - Part 1 & A Beginner's Guide to WordPress Hosting - Part 2.

Yes, you can use custom themes and plugins on the WordPress website platform. As long as they are compatible and within the WordPress developers' guidelines and security regulations, you can develop your own. You can even offer them to the general public on WordPress.

Yes, you can use any available domain name that you have registered. You can check domain availability, agree to adhere to the domain registration guidelines and policies, and purchase it.

Should you still need to decide on a domain name for your small business, venture, charity or organization, then read our Blog for some tips and insights: Transform Your Business Dreams into Reality with the Perfect Domain Name.

Yes, all's WordPress Hosting plans include a free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. An SSL encrypts data between the user's browser and your website, ensuring secure data transfer. It's crucial for data integrity, user trust, and can positively impact search engine rankings.

Unsure what an SSL Certificate is? Read up on them with our comprehensive Blog: SSL Certificate - What it is, Why it is Needed, and How to Set It Up.

Managed hosting provides a fully managed server environment with dedicated resources and support, tailored for specific applications. Shared hosting involves multiple users sharing resources on a single server, often with limited customization and support.

Should you want to find out what Managed WordPress Hosting is, please refer to our Knowledgebase: What is Managed WordPress Hosting.

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