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At Hosted.com we run a very precise Automated Billing System.

Should you fall behind on payments please follow these steps:

Domain Name Renewals:

  • Make sure to pay your invoices in full by the due date to avoid any issues.
  • If your domain invoice remains unpaid after 5 days, it will be suspended.
  • If your domain invoice remains unpaid after 10 days, the domain will go into Redemption.
  • To retain your domain name, you will need to pay a Redemption Fee in addition to the Renewal Fee.
  • To confirm the Redemption Fee, please submit a Billing Ticket to us with the domain name.

All Other Services:

  • Invoices for all other hosting services must also be paid by the due date reflected on the invoice.
  • If an invoice remains unpaid, you will receive 3 notifications reminding you of the overdue invoice/s.
  • Failure to pay for the overdue invoice will result in suspension. Once suspended your emails and/or website will stop working
  • Please login to your Hosted.com Account and pay all overdue invoices to ensure that your services stay up and running.
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