All promotions are applied at the checkout process by our automated billing system – you will enter it on the Review and Checkout page.
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At we run a very precise Automated Billing System, therefore late payments will be registered and if after 5 days the account is still unpaid, all services will be suspended. Should you fall behind on payments please follow these steps: Domain Name Renewals Make sure to pay your invoices in full by the due date to avoid any issues. If your domain invoice remains unpaid after 5 days, it will be suspended. If your domain invoice remains unpaid after 10 days, the domain will go into Re… Read More

Login to your Account Scroll down the page to “Invoices Due” Select the Invoice to pay by clicking the check box on the left Click “PAY SELECTED” A window will open displaying the Unpaid Invoice. Select your payment method Click the “Terms of Service” check box Click “PAY NOW” Under Billing Information click “Use New Card” Click “Continue” These encrypted details will now be saved to your profile for automatic payments on all future invoices. The Payment Gateway will open, and you ca… Read More

When we refer to the Point of Contact in our support tickets, etc., we are talking about the email address that you use to login to your Account. This is the same email address that you receive newsletters and emails from us and is referred to as your Point of Contact. If you don’t have access to that email address anymore, please let us know by replying to the email you received and send through the Account Holder’s Social Security Card. That way, we can verify your identi… Read More runs an automated billing system, so please ensure your payments are timeous to avoid automatic suspension of your services. Services are billed in advance, and payment is to be on Invoice Due Date. Our precisely automated billing system will send you 3 late payment notifications. To avoid any interruptions, please make sure to pay the exact outstanding amount. Paying less will result in the automated suspension of the related service. If your service gets suspended, please login to y… Read More is a domain reseller and purchases them from an ICANN Accredited Registrar. This means that we follow ICANN’s strict protocols when it comes to domain notifications and as part of our obligation, we will send out notifications for ALL upcoming domain renewals. Should you have disabled the Auto-renew feature for your domain, the domain will not be renewed automatically. However, you will still receive our ICANN Procedural Notifications as per ICANN’s request. You can always check you… Read More

You can cancel a subscription for a product or service at anytime.* Just give one month’s notice. Please send your written cancellation requests via our Ticketing System, from your Point of Contact email address *Ts & Cs apply…. Read More

Things change over time and this includes your passwords, here is a quick step by step to ensure you stay up and running. Login to your Account Click “Account Information” from the right hand menu Select “Change Password” from the dropdown menu An automatically-generated email will be sent to your account with a link and further instructions – please be certain to double check your Spam folder..
IMPORTANT: Your password must have a minimum of 5 characters and cannot be the same as you… Read More