All domain names are valid for a minimum period of 1 year from date of registration. does, however, offer longer registration periods up to a maximum of 10 years. Automated Renewals and Notices: All domains have auto renewal enabled when registered with Auto Renewal enables the system to generate your domain renewal invoice. Should… Read More

At, a registered, or transferred domain is valid for a minimum period of 1 year from the date of registration. Domains can be registered for longer periods at a time, currently the maximum period is 10 years. Register a Domain  |  Transfer a Domain  |  Whois Lookup… Read More

The role of a Registrar primarily involves interacting directly with the public and facilitating the registration process for domain names. Registrars act as intermediaries, enabling individuals and organizations to acquire and manage their desired domain names. They provide services such as domain name search, registration, renewal, and transfer to the public arena. On the other… Read More

The Whois global database publicly displays all domain registration details, including the domain name, registrar, name server, contact information, and more. To ensure privacy, Whois Privacy service is available for individuals who prefer to keep their Registrant details confidential. For inquiries about Whois Privacy for other TLDs, please reach out to our Sales guys and they will… Read More

If your domain is displayed as Not Eligible for Transfer, it means that certain restrictions or conditions are in place that prevent the domain from being transferred to another Registrar. These restrictions can vary depending on various factors such as: The domain’s registration status. The domain extension (TLD). Specific policies or requirements, as set by… Read More

When it comes to domain transfers, time is of the essence. The time limit for completing the process is usually a week or seven working days. To ensure a smooth transfer within this timeframe, we require two key elements: accurate information and your current hosting provider’s full cooperation. It’s a collaborative effort! Simply provide us… Read More

You can register multiple domain names and make each of them point to the single domain URL of your website. Pointing is also called URL redirection and URL forwarding. Imagine you’ve got your awesome website rocking the internet, but you want to expand your online presence and give your visitors more ways to find you.… Read More

Any person or entity that registers a TLD name with a Registrar is called a Registrant. All Registrants’ domain information is available to the public via the WHOIS global domain database. Should you not wish to have your information available to the Public, you can request WHOIS Privacy for your domain registration which incurs a… Read More