A domain transfer can typically take between 5 to 7 working days to complete. To ensure a smooth transfer within this timeframe, we require two key elements: accurate information and your current hosting provider’s full cooperation. Kindly provide us with the correct details and remind your hosting provider to assist us promptly, after initiating the transfer process. Transfer Domain  |  Bulk Domain Transfers Additional Information:Registrant HousekeepingWhat is a domain transfer?How … Read More

The Registrant of a domain name will own the domain, and their details are entered on the domain registration not the ISP’s. Register a Domain | Transfer Domain Whois Lookup | Bulk Domain Registrations | Bulk Domain Transfers Table of Contents
Who Will Own the Domain Name?
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The Domain Name System (DNS) Who Will Own the Domain Name? Many web hosting providers offer domain name registration as part of their se… Read More

You can register a domain with any ISP or Registrar without having to take out hosting with them. At Hosted.com, we provide free DNS hosting, giving you the flexibility to point your domain to a different hosting provider (not URL) if that’s your preference.Bear in mind, it is not necessary to take out hosting when you register your domain if your website is not ready to go live, unless that hosting includes a Website Builder which you are going to use to build your actual website. However, sho… Read More

Often our clients ask us what are our requirements for their domain to be transferred to us. First and foremost, when it comes to transferring your domain, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may retain your domain or domain information until your account with them is settled in full. Make sure you have settled any outstanding payments before starting your transfer to Hosted.com. Domain Transfer Requirements To transfer a domain to Hosted.com, please be aware that domains can only be transferr… Read More

Having a .com domain adds that extra international professionalism and is perfect if you are aiming for global commercial recognition, then a .com TLD (Top Level Domain) domain is your go-to choice. Advantages of a .com Domain When taking your business online, there are multiple advantages of having .com domain names for business websites: Easily Identifiable The .com domain is the memorable and easy to remember domain extension. It also tends to be more authoritative and credible in users’ e… Read More

Your hosting plan choice is dependent on the specific requirements of your website, such as disk space, MySQL databases, email addresses, and domains. Also take into account, the scalability of a product, can it accommodate future business expansion, re staffing emails, products, e-commerce, etc. If you are uncertain as to how to tailor your hosting solution to match your needs, then please reach out to our Sales Team for advice. cPanel Web Hosting | Email Hosting | Website Builder | WordPress … Read More

Hosted.com ensures a seamless transition by preloading your website and having all email addresses ready to go live immediately after the transfer is completed. As long as we receive full cooperation from your current hosting provider, the transfer process can be completed within a maximum of 7 days.   Register a Domain | Transfer Domain Whois Lookup | Bulk Domain Registrations | Bulk Domain Transfers… Read More