This article assumes that you have logged in to your Account. Click “Manage Services” on the menu Select “Email Hosting” from the dropdown menu Click on “Manage” next to the domain’s hosting you wish to upgrade Click “CHANGE” to the right of Product The Products screen will display and you can choose “Select” under… Read More

This configuration tutorial assumes you have FlashFXP installed but have not yet connected to a remote server. Launch FlashFXP on your computer. Click on “Sites” in the Menu bar. Select “Site Manager.” Here, you can create a dedicated group to organize logins for your websites. This is particularly useful for keeping work and personal websites… Read More

Our affordable Email Hosting plans are perfect for both business and individual use. Say goodbye to those outdated, generic email addresses and make a lasting impression with domain-based emails for a more professional look. is proud to offer excellent Email Hosting packages that not only help you save costs but also enhance your business or… Read More

In this guide, we will simplify the basics of website hosting to help you confidently step into the digital realm. Internet Access and Website Hosting Your gateway to the online world and website hosting services comes via an authorized Internet Service Provider (ISP). The ISP provides the connection from your device to the global web… Read More

Understanding databases is crucial to web development, phpMyAdmin is a powerful tool that simplifies the management of MySQL databases for PHP applications.  This guide assumes that you have already created your MySQL Database and now covers the basics of navigating phpMyAdmin. What is phpMyAdmin? phpMyAdmin is a free, web-based application that facilitates the management of… Read More

This article assumes you have already installed CuteFTP on your device and need to establish a connection with the remote server. Launch CuteFTP on your system. Click the “Site Manager” tab. Right-click on “General FTP Sites”. Hover over “New” and select “Folder” from the drop down menu. Name the New Folder, should you be a… Read More

Softaculous serves as an automated installer, designed to expedite the installation of numerous web applications. Often referred to as scripts, these applications enrich your website’s capabilities, enabling you to harness a broader array of functionalities. Script Categories: Softaculous opens a realm of possibilities through its versatile script categories. These include: Blogs: Establish dynamic and engaging… Read More

This guide assumes that you have already installed FileZilla on your computer and are ready to establish a connection with the remote server. Under “File”, choose “Site Manager”. The Site Manager window will open and click on “New Folder”. Enter a clear and concise name for the New Folder. Click on “New Site”. Select the… Read More