A “Staging Site” can be set up in WordPress, so that you can view your site before publishing it live on the Internet. On the WordPress Dashboard go to “Settings” and click on “Hosting Configuration” and scroll down to “Staging Site” Staging Site: Click the “Add staging site” button (if you have already created your… Read More

Should you wish to increase the SSD Storage for your WordPress Hosting plan, you have two options available: Choose to upgrade your plan to accommodate your requirements, Take out an Email Hosting plan to supplement your WordPress Hosting plan. This enables the usage from your emails to be separated from your hosting.  If you are… Read More

This article assumes that you have logged in to your Hosted.com Account. Click “Manage Services” on the menu Select “WordPress Hosting” from the dropdown menu Click on “Manage” next to the domain’s hosting you wish to upgrade Click “CHANGE” to the right of Product The Products screen will display and you can choose “Select” under… Read More

Yes, WordPress has Free Templates that cover a wide array of designs and are suitable for specific industry types as well. All WordPress templates are “Responsive”, in that they will adjust to display on any device.  NOTE: If you have done custom changes to the template, please be certain to check how it displays across… Read More

Login in to your Hosted.com Account, and follow these steps to install WordPress: Click “Manage Services”, select “Web Hosting” from the dropdown menu Select the domain that you want to install WordPress on Click “Manage” and select “Manage” again from the dropdown This will open up the domain’s dashboard page Go to “Quick Manage” and… Read More

Conflicts from database errors, PHP unresponsive script, are usually the cause of seeing a white screen instead of your website, so if there is an error message displayed, please make a note of it. We suggest using your “Staging Area” to test the various solutions below until you find the one that resolves the problem.… Read More

To enhance your security, it is crucial that you change your default username from ‘admin’ right away! Here are a few recommendations: Use strong passwords that include a mix of characters, numbers, lowercase, and uppercase letters. Update the password for your administration email account as well. Activate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) if you have the latest… Read More

When a theme is missing it usually because of a conflict somewhere. There are 2 ways to resolve a missing theme: 1. Plugins On your Dashboard, disable all your plugins, if your theme is displaying properly, enable them one by one and check your website after each is enabled. As soon as your theme disappears, you… Read More

WordPress website owners and users should always stay updated about any vulnerabilities associated with WordPress plugins before installing, updating, or activating them on their websites. Please note that Hosted.com will not be held responsible for any vulnerability issues caused by WordPress plugins on your WordPress site. Additionally, Hosted.com cannot guarantee the functionality or speed of your… Read More

You can correct an fatal error message regarding memory size: The first option to increase memory limit requires you sign in to your cPanel Dashboard: under “Options”, select “PHP Version”  go to “Memory Limit” and increase it and click “Apply If this doesn’t help resolve it, then you will need to check the Memory_Limit settings… Read More