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Softaculous serves as an automated installer, designed to expedite the installation of numerous web applications. Often referred to as scripts, these applications enrich your website’s capabilities, enabling you to harness a broader array of functionalities.

Script Categories:

Softaculous opens a realm of possibilities through its versatile script categories. These include:

  • Blogs: Establish dynamic and engaging blog platforms.
  • Portals & Content Management Systems: Create feature-rich portals and manage content seamlessly.
  • Forums: Foster interactive discussions and community engagement.
  • E-commerce: Dive into online retail with innovative e-commerce solutions.

Accessing Softaculous:

  • Login to your Hosted.com Account;
  • Under “Manage Services”, click “Web Hosting”
  • Select your domain name and click “Manage”
  • In the “Quick Manage” section, click on the “Softaculous” icon.
Softaculous Dashboard Icon
  • The Softaculous control panel will open, displaying the the Top Scripts.
  • Install the script that you want for functionality on your website by clicking the “Install” button.
Softaculous Applications

The process of installing web applications via Softaculous is effortless, whether you are looking to build a blog, use a CRM, create community engagement through forums, or venture into the world of e-commerce.

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