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Follow our quick step-by-step how to backup your website in cPanel.

  • Login to your Hosted.com account and select “Manage Services” from the Control Panel menu.
Hosted.com Dashboard - Manage Services
  • Select “Web Hosting” or “WordPress Hosting” from the dropdown menu.
Hosted.com Dashboard - Select Web Hosting
  • Click on “Manage” and from the dropdown select “Manage” again
  • Under “Product Information”, go to Control Panel and click “Login” this will log you in to cPanel.
Hosted.com - cPanel Dashboard Interface
  • In the “Tools” section, scroll down to “Files,” then click on “Backup Wizard”
Backup your website in cPanel Backup Wizard
  • From the options available, under “Back Up or Restore” click the “Back Up” button.
cPanel - Website Backup or Restore
  • Click on the “Generate Backup” option, this will create an archive of all website files and configurations.

A Full Back Up can ONLY be used to keep a copy on your own server or desktop, or when moving your account to another server – it CANNOT be used for a “Restore Back Up” through the cPanel interface.

Please reach out and contact us for assistance.

cPanel Interface - Generate Backup
  • A pop-up will confirm your request and notify you when the backup is ready.
cPanel - Backup Popup
  • You will receive an email notification when the Backup is complete and can click the link to confirm.

Here is the link to to our blog – How to backup a WordPress website.

DISCLAIMER: Any pricing reflected on images is for demonstration/reference purposes only and does not constitute actual pricing. E&OE.

Additional Information:

Backup your website in cPanel

System failures & security breaches

Backups are crucial for recovering lost or damaged files. In the event of a system failure or a security breach, having a backup of your website can help prevent loss of data and restore your website to a previous state where all the data was intact.

Coding errors and site updates

Sometime things go wrong, and backups help you get your website up and running again in case of problems that may be experienced through coding errors. Problems can also arise from carelessness when doing site updates.

Plugins, malware and website testing

Compatibility issues with plugins, malware infections, attacks from hackers, and creating a testing version of your website, are numerous other reasons that you want to ensure your website is backed up regularly.

Hosted.com includes daily backups

Daily website backups are included in all Hosted.com cPanel Hosting packages but if you want to manually back up your website, it is a straightforward process.

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