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A domain name is the first step in giving your business an online presence, and it’s important to choose wisely. Here are some pointers to help you out:

Company Name:

Registering your business name as the domain is a great start. It supports your company identity and makes it recognizable to your existing clients.
Keep it easy to remember and if possible, make it catchy.

For example, if your business is called Carpet Cleaners Carpet Conditioning USA, go for something shorter like cleancarpets.com. or cleancarpetco.com.

Premium Domains:

Premium domain names are often common words or short combinations of letters. They may cost a bit more and could already be registered so use our quick search to check.
If you’re interested in a premium domain, feel free to reach out to our Sales Team.

Using Characters:

If your desired domain is already taken, consider using hyphens or alternative spelling. Just make sure people are aware of the hyphen or any variations to avoid confusion.
Bear in mind that, using numbers as substitutes for words should be done smartly and should align with your branding.

TLDs, 2ndTLDs & gTLDs:

Explore variations of the .com domain by registering TLDs like .net, .org, .biz or the generic .info gTLD. These can all be pointed to your primary website and give you an advantage over competitors.

Creating Choices:

If you can afford it, consider registering multiple domains relevant to your business. This helps people find you even if they don’t know your exact business name.
For instance, using the earlier example, you could register cleancarpets, carpetcleaners, cleanandconditioned, and more.

At Hosted.com, we make it easy for you to search for multiple domains and even bulk register them. And if you’re looking to transfer an existing domain to us, we’ve got you covered too.

Let’s get started on building your online presence! Search for your perfect domain or start a transfer by clicking here.

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