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When it comes to transferring your domain, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) might hold onto your domain ,or domain information, until your account with them is settled in full. Make sure you’ve squared away any outstanding payments before making the move.

To ensure your business or website experiences as little downtime as possible, we’ll need some info to set things up on our servers.

Here’s what we’ll need:

  • Give your current ISP a heads up that you’re transferring your domain to Hosted.com.
  • Provide us with your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) details.
  • If you have a database, send us a copy of that too (if it applies).
  • If there’s an Authorization Code for your domain, pass it our way (if it’s applicable).
  • Make sure your domain is unlocked (if it’s applicable).
  • Let us know which email addresses you’ll need.

If you ever decide to transfer your domain away from Hosted.com, we’ve got a few steps for you too.

First, we need a calendar months’ notice and will check that your account has no outstanding amounts due. Send an email over to billing@hosted.com to let our accounts department know you want to transfer your domain and discontinue any related service.

After that, you’ll need to work with your new hosting provider and follow their instructions for the transfer process.

Oh, one more thing: Hosted.com has an automated billing system that won’t cancel any services from your account unless we receive written notification from the registered email contact. So be sure to keep that in mind.

Transferring an international domain like .com usually incurs a fee, which might be in the form of an annual renewal fee at the time of transfer.

If you’re ready to transfer your domain, just click on this link and we’ll guide you through the process.

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