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How to Register a Domain – Step by Step

Here’s a quick step by step on how to register a domain with Hosted.com.

  • Check Availability – enter your desired domain name with the preferred TLD extension in the search bar on the Domain Registration page
How to Register a Domain
  • Explore Similar Options – the result will show a list of similar domains with different TLD extensions. Consider purchasing them to protect your brand.
Protect your brand
  • Add to Cart – Select your domain by adding it to the Cart

A domain registration is only valid for one year however, you have the option to register it for up to 10 years.

A domain is set to Auto Renew and the system will automatically renew it on due date if there is a valid credit card on the account.

Configure Add to Cart
  • Create an Account: If you don’t have an account, create one. If you do, simply sign in.
  • Complete Contact Info: Fill out a short contact form to provide the required registration information.

  • Secure Payment: Proceed to a safe and secure payment gateway to complete the purchase.
Shopping Cart
Complete your order
  • Quick Registration: Your domain registration is completed within minutes, provided you’ve paid the Registration Fee and filled out your information accurately.

Registering a domain name is a simple and efficient process that ensures your online presence is established. Get started today!

DISCLAIMER:  Any pricing reflected on images is for demonstration/reference purposes only and does not constitute actual pricing. E&OE.

Additional Information:

How to Register a Domain

Your domain name is your address on the web, that allows you to have an online presence. Registering your domain name essentially reserves your website’s spot on the Internet.

Every website on the internet has a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address which is a string of numbers used to identify a website by devices. A domain name turns a computer-device IP address into an actual name that humans can relate to, thus making it easier for your clients to reach your specific website.

Registering your domain name goes beyond just having a website. A good domain name can create awareness and drive the visibility of your brand by making it easier for customers to remember and return. Registering your domain also prevents it being taken by others, for example competitors in your industry.

Finally, it adds credibility to your brand by having a website address that offers a professional, trustworthy appearance.

Domain name registration doesn’t have to be complicated, but you want to make sure you do it right the first time. Here’s a quick step by step guide on how to register a business domain name with Hosted.com.

Searching for Availability

Your domain name is the first thing people will see when searching for your brand, so you want it to be memorable and attract attention.

Use the search tool search bar on the Domain Registration page to check if your desired domain name with your preferred TLD (domain extension) is available and select it.

If your chosen domain isn’t available, you may need to try different variations of it or choose a different domain extension (.com, .net, .org, etc.).

Exploring Similar Options

Once you get confirmation; you’ll get a list of similar domains with different TLD extensions. Consider purchasing them to protect your brand. Need help with deciding on a domain name? Click here to read our article on Choosing the Perfect Domain Name.

Note: Domain name registration can take up to 24 hours for your domain to become active once payment has been received.

Now that you’ve successfully registered your domain, here are some additional steps to make sure everything is working, and the backend of your website is running correctly:

Configuring Your Domain

After registration, you can configure your domain to point to your website. This usually involves setting up DNS records.

You may need to update some settings, such as the nameservers, DNS records, or CNAME records, to connect your domain to your website.

Renewing Your Domain

Domains are annually renewed, unless you have chosen to renew bi-annually. When purchasing your domain on registration, you may choose any annual period from 2 to 10 years, thus your domain will only come up for renewal at the end of the selected period. This does ensure that any domain renewal price increases during that period will not be effective, only at the time of renewal, where you will renew at then then current renewal price..

Make sure to renew your domain before it expires to keep ownership. Our comprehensive Knowledgebase, supplemented by our Blog are there to assist you. Our Support team is also available to help sort out any issue you may have, so reach out to us here.

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