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All domain names are valid for a minimum period of 1 year from date of registration. Hosted.com does, however, offer longer registration periods up to a maximum of 10 years.

Automated Renewals and Notices:

  • All domains have auto renewal enabled when registered with Hosted.com
  • Auto Renewal enables the system to generate your domain renewal invoice.
  • Should you have a valid bank card saved to your account the system will automatically process the payment on your behalf.
  • If you have disabled Auto Renewal on your domain name, the system will not generate a Renewal Invoice and your domain will not be automatically renewed.
  • The automated system will only renew your domain name once the payment of the Renewal Invoices has been received.
  • You will receive automated Renewal Notices at 60 days, 30 days, 14 days, 7 days and 1 day approaching the date of the renewal of your domain name.



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