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A domain name transfer to Hosted.com, is a relatively simple procedure, however, it is important to note that your current ISP may not release your domain or domain information until your account with them has been settled in full. This is to ensure that there is no disruption to your business or website during the transfer process.

What is Need for a Domain Name Transfer to Hosted.com

Additional Information:

What is a Domain Name Transfer

A Domain Name Transfer refers to the process of moving the management and registration of a domain name from one domain registrar to another. This transfer can be initiated by the domain registrant and involves several steps to ensure a smooth transition of the domain to the new registrar.

Is there any Downtime

There usually isn’t any downtime experienced, however in order to minimize the possibility of downtime for your business or website, we require the following information to set up your domain on our servers:

Information Requirements

  • Please inform your current ISP that you will be transferring your domain to Hosted.com.
  • Provide us with your website’s FTP details.
  • If applicable, please include a copy of your database.
  • If your domain requires an authorization code, please provide that as well.
  • In the event that your domain needs to be unlocked, please let us know.
  • Please supply the email addresses that you require for your domain.

Domain Name Transfer Fees

Transferring an international domain like .com usually incurs a fee, which may be in the form of an annual renewal fee at the time of transfer.

Transfer a Domain from Hosted.com

When doing a domain name transfer from Hosted.com, we ask that you give us a calendar month’s notice and ensure that your account is fully paid up. 

Log a ticket to inform our accounts department of your intention to transfer your domain and please request that all services relative to it, are to be discontinued.

After that, you’ll need to work with your new hosting provider and follow their instructions for the domain name transfer process.

Security Protocols

Due to the strict security protocols that Hosted.com has in place, the Automated Billing System will not cancel any services attached to a domain name transfer

Please note that notification of cancellation of all related services must be received in writing from the registered email contact on the Hosted.com account. If you would like to transfer your domain, please click this link to submit a Support Ticket.

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