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Domain Pointing is also called URL redirection, URL forwarding, and domain forwarding and is the process of connecting an registered domain name to an existing website or application.

Additional Information:

Domain Redirection

This process is usually done to redirect visitors from one company domain to another, or to forward them to an entirely different website, especially in the case of company mergers where existing customers of the one are unfamiliar of the other and there is only one main website that includes both.

Benefits of Domain Pointing

Single Main Website:

One of the benefits of domain pointing is that it creates a single main website that can be accessed from multiple domains.

Creative Advertising:

Domain pointing can be beneficial to a small business that is looking to expand its online presence and it has the resources to do so. They can consider providing different avenues for potential clients to find them through clever use of their products’, or services’ names, or creatively using TLDs (domain extensions) to catch the eye of potential customers.

Capturing Market Share:

Buying multiple domain names and domain pointing them to a main website, is way to do this. Should a company consider registering domain names that may leverage competitors’ products and domain pointing them to its own website, then extreme care must be taken not to contravene the Digital Millennium Copyright Act – read up on copyright infringement.


This is helpful for website owners who want to create a network of websites that all lead to the same content. It is also possible to use domain pointing to create a website that spans multiple sub-domains. This is a great way for companies to demarcate specific topic-related content for specific customers or users.

It’s like having many doors leading into your online ‘kingdom’. No matter which domain name your visitors use, they’ll end up at the same destination.

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