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The Whois global database publicly displays all domain registration details, including the domain name, Registrar, name server, contact information, and more.

Additional Information:

WHOIS is a widely used internet protocol that allows users to query databases to obtain information about domain names, IP addresses, and autonomous system (AS) numbers.

The term “WHOIS” refers to both the protocol itself (Whois the domain owner) and the public databases that store registration details for domain names.

Whois information includes:

Domain Name Information

WHOIS provides information about domain name registrations, including details about the domain registrant or owner, domain registrar, registration and expiration dates, name servers, and contact information.

IP Address Information

WHOIS can be used to retrieve information about IP addresses, including details about the organization or entity to which the IP address is allocated.

Autonomous System (AS) Information

WHOIS also provides information about autonomous systems, including details about the organization that owns or operates the AS.

Public Database

Information from WHOIS is stored in public databases maintained by domain registries, regional internet registries (RIRs), and other entities responsible for managing internet resources.

Contact Information

WHOIS allows users to access contact information for domain registrants, which can be useful for legitimate purposes such as resolving technical issues or reporting abuse. 

Querying Databases

The WHOIS protocol defines the format and rules for querying and retrieving information from WHOIS databases. Users can interact with WHOIS databases using command-line tools, online interfaces provided by registrars, or third-party WHOIS lookup services.


The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) establishes policies and guidelines for WHOIS data. ICANN’s policies aim to balance the need for transparency and accountability with privacy and data protection concerns.

It’s important to note that WHOIS data is subject to regional variations in terms of accessibility and privacy regulations.

General Data Protection Regulation

Additionally, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has influenced changes in how personal data is handled in WHOIS databases, leading to the redaction of some personal information in public WHOIS records.

Various online tools and websites allow users to perform WHOIS queries to retrieve information about domain names, IP Whois Lookup for IP addresses, and AS numbers, like the ICANN Whois, IANA Whois (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) and ICANN Lookup.

Whois Privacy

To ensure privacy, Whois Privacy service is available for individuals who prefer to keep their Registrant details confidential.

For inquiries about Whois Privacy for other TLDs, please reach out to our Sales guys and they will be happy to assist you with the relevant information and options available.

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