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To use FileZilla, it must be installed on your device. To configure a site in FileZilla, this guide assumes that it is installed, open and that you are are ready to establish a connection with the remote server.

Configure a Site in FileZilla

1. Under “File”

Configure a Site in FileZilla - File

2. Choose “Site Manager” from the dropdown menu.

FileZilla File Menu

2. The Site Manager window will open and click on “New Folder”.

Configure a Site in FileZilla - New Folder

3. Enter a clear and concise name for the New Folder.

4. Click on “New Site”.

Configure a Site in FileZilla - New Site

5. Select the “General” tab and enter your FTP “Host” name.

Configure a Site in FileZilla - General - Host Details

6. If you have a custom FTP port, you can enter it here, should you not know what it is, then just leave it blank.

7. Generally “Protocol” will default to “FTP – File Transfer Protocol”.

Configure a Site in FileZilla - Select FTP

8. “Encryption” can either be as “Use plain FTP”, or it can be configured.

Configure a Site in FileZilla - Encryption: Use Plain FTP

9. Select a “Logon Type” from the drop down menu: Anonymous, Normal, Ask for Password, Interactive, or Account.

Configure a Site in FileZilla - Logon Type
Configure a Site in FileZilla - Logon Type Dropdown Menu

10. Use “Normal” to login and enter your “Username” and “Password”.

Configure a Site in FileZilla - Enter Username & Password

11. Select the “Advanced” tab.

Configure a Site in FileZilla - Advanced Tab

12. Complete the “Default local directory” and “Default remote directory” details.

Configure a Site in FileZilla - Local and Remote Directory

13. Select the “Transfer Settings” tab and ensure you have the right “Transfer mode” if necessary. Click “OK”.

Configure a Site in FileZilla - Transfer Settings

13.Connect to your site by clicking the Site Connect button, first icon under the menu bar.

Configure a Site in FileZilla - Connect to Site

That’s it! You are now connected to the remote server, and your login details are saved.

Configure a Site in FileZilla - Connected to Remote Server

Disconnect from Remote Sever

1. You can either disconnect by clicking the “Disconnect” icon (9th from the right) …

Configure a Site in FileZilla - Disconnect

2. … or click “Server” on the menu bar and choose “Disconnect”.

Configure a Site in FileZilla - Disconnect

This concludes the tutorial, you have successfully set up your website’s FTP connection in FileZilla.

Additional Information:

What is FileZilla?

If you need to upload or download files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), FileZilla is one of the easiest ways to get the job done. FileZilla makes it incredibly easy to transfer files between your server and website. It is an FTP client similar to CuteFTP.

FileZilla is a free, open-source FTP client software that allows users to transfer files between their computer and web hosting server.

FileZilla is particularly useful when you need to upload or download large files or multiple files at once. For example, you would need to upload multiple files individually with your cPanel dashboard, FileZilla, you can upload them at once. It is also helpful when you need to troubleshoot issues with your website.

Using FileZilla, you can easily upload and download files between your computer and your web server by dragging and dropping files. This makes it a convenient tool for both web developers and as well as beginner website owners who need to frequently update their site’s content.

Understanding File Transfer Protocol

A File Transfer protocol allows devices such as a hosting server and web browser to communicate and exchange files in the same programming language. The most common uses of FTPs are:

  • Uploading or downloading files from a website or a server
  • Sharing files with other users or devices.
  • Storing files in a remote location
  • Accessing files from different platforms or operating systems

To use a FTP, you need software that can communicate and connect to the other device, called a client. The other device also needs a client that can speak the same language and provide the files you want, called a server. The client and the server use the internet or a local network to communicate with each other and transfer files.

Depending on the FTP, the client and the server may need to use different passwords, codes, or keys for identity verification and to gain access to the files.

Download FileZilla

– Manage Files in FileZilla

Upload Files Using FileZilla

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