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This tutorial will guide you through the process of how to configure a site in FTP Voyager, and assumes you have already installed the FTP Voyager application on your computer but have not yet connected to a remote server. Download the free FTP Voyager application.

This tutorial only covers configuring a website in FTP Voyager, if you are looking at how to move files and directories, then please refer to our Knowledgebase: How to Manage Files in FTP Voyager.

Steps to Configure a Site in FTP Voyager

Step 1: Access the Site Profile Manager

Launch FTP Voyager.

In the initial dialog, check the box that says, “Don’t ask this again” and click “Use the Site Profile Manager directly.”

Step 1 - How to Configure a Site in FTP Voyager - Site Profile Manager
Step 2: Organize Your Website Logins

Within FTP Voyager, you can organize your website logins efficiently. To do this, click on “New Folder.”

Enter a name for the new folder.

Click “Save.”

FTP Voyager Screen - Save Site Information
Step 3: Create a New Site

To configure a new site within this newly created folder, first ensure that the folder you created (e.g., “demosites”) is selected.

Click the “New Site” button.

FTP Voyager Screen - Select New Site
Step 4: Configure Site Settings

Enter a name or label for the new site (this is for your reference).

Enter the server address. The host address can be in the form of ftp.yourdomain.com, yourdomain.com, or just the IP (Internet Protocol) address.

As soon as you click the hostname field, you will notice that it is automatically populated with the site label you just entered. If it is correct, leave it as is, or modify it if necessary.

If you have a specific path to a folder on the remote server that you want to connect to directly, you can enter it here.

Provide the Username and Password for your FTP account.

Once you have entered the required information, click “Save.”

FTP Voyager Screen - Save New Site
Step 5: Connect to Website

To connect to your website, click the icon that resembles a lightning bolt.

FTP Voyager Screen - Save Site Information
Step 6: Disconnect from Site

When you are finished and want to disconnect from the site, click the “Browser…” tab.

FTP Voyager Screen - Browser Tab for New Site

…and click “Disconnect.”

FTP Voyager Screen - Disconnect from Browser

You will see confirmation that you are successfully disconnected from the server.

FTP Voyager Screen - Successful Disconnection

Congratulations! You have just configured a website in FTP Voyager and established an FTP connection to your hosting server.

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