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To configure a site in WS_FTP (WinSock File Transfer Protocol), which is a secure file transfer program, allows you to then efficiently manage file transfers, updates, and other tasks related to your website’s files and directories. Setting your website up in WS_FTP is vital for establishing a connection between your local computer and a remote server, or your website’s hosting server. (Download the free version of the WS_FTP application.)

WS_FTP provides features such as secure file transfers, customizable settings, batch operations, and detailed logging, enhancing security and productivity in managing your website.

This tutorial assumes you already have WS_FTP running on your computer but have not connected to a remote server.

Steps to Configure a Site in WS_FTP

1. Click “Connections”, then click “Site Manager”.

Configure a Site in WS_FTP - Site Manager

You can create a folder to save your websites’ logins. This is useful, for example, when you want to keep work and personal websites separate.

2. Click “Create Folder”, and enter the New folder name.

Configure a Site in WS_FTP - New Site Folder

3. Now create a site, select the folder which you just created and then click “Create Site”.

Configure a Site in WS_FTP - Create New Site

4. Enter a name for the new site and click “Next”.

Configure a Site in WS_FTP - Enter New Site Name

5. Leave Connection Type as “FTP” and click “Next”.

Configure a Site in WS_FTP - Connection Type

6. Enter the Server Address and click “Next”.

Configure a Site in WS_FTP - Server Address

7. Enter the User Name and Password and click “Next”.

Configure a Site in WS_FTP - User Name and Password

8. Click “Finish” to connect to the site now. If you don’t want to connect now, just deselect this option.

Configure a Site in WS_FTP - Finish

That’s it! You are connected to the remote server and the login details are saved for quicker connections in the future.

9. Click the “Disconnect” icon to disconnect from the remote server.

Configure a Site in WS_FTP - Disconnect

You have just correctly configured a website in WS_FTP.

Additional Information

Configuring your website in WSFTP can offer several additional benefits, which include:

Security Features

WS_FTP supports secure protocols such as FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS) and SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), ensuring that your data remains encrypted during transmission, enhancing security.

User-friendly Interface

With the help of WS_FTP’s user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI), managing files on both your local computer and the remote server is simple.

Automation and Scheduling

By automating file transfers and scheduling transfers for particular periods of time. WS_FTP helps you increase productivity and decrease manual labor.

Remote File Editing

With WS_FTP, you can edit files directly on the remote server using your preferred text editor, eliminating the need to download and re-upload files for editing.

Site Management

Strong site administration capabilities are provided by WS_FTP, which makes it easier to connect to several servers by letting you store and arrange connection settings for numerous websites.

Advanced Options

Through rich customization options offered by WS_FTP, you can set up different parameters including transfer mode, transfer type, and transfer resume choices to suit your needs.

Technical Support

To help users with configuration, troubleshooting, and process optimization, WS_FTP provides technical support and documentation resources.

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