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To upload files using LeapFTP between your local computer and remote servers is a simple process. LeapFTP is a user-friendly FTP client designed for easy file transfers and the platform makes a suitable choice for users who require a simple, reliable, and cost-effective FTP client for basic file transfer needs on Windows platforms. Download the free LeapFTP application.

This tutorial assumes you already have LeapFTP running on your computer and are connected to a remote server. Should you still need to Configure Your Website in LeapFTP, please refer to the Knowledgebase article as linked and here is the link for managing files in LeapFTP.

Steps to Upload Files using LeapFTP

1. Select a few files you would like to upload from your Local Drive’s directory. To select multiple files, press and hold down CTRL on your keyboard, while clicking on the others.

Step 1 - Upload Files Using LeapFTP - Main Window

2. Right click on the selected files and click “Upload”.

Step 2 - Upload Files Using LeapFTP - Upload

The files should be uploaded to the remote server and can be viewed on the right.

Step 3 - Upload Files Using LeapFTP - Uploaded

To download a file, firstly, delete one of the files from your local computer that was previously uploaded.

3. Select the file, right click, then click “Delete”.

Step 4 - Upload Files Using LeapFTP - Delete

The file has now been deleted and you are now going to download it from the remote server.

4. Select the file from the Remote Server (the right screen), right click and click “Download”.

Step 5 - Upload Files Using LeapFTP - Download Files

The file should be downloaded and can now be viewed under the local directory.

Step 6 - Upload Files Using LeapFTP - File Downloaded

This is the end of the tutorial to learn how to upload or transfer files to and from a remote server.

Additional Information:

Key Features of LeapFTP

Much like other FTP clients, LeapFTP offers specific features and functionalities that may make it preferable for certain users or scenarios. Here are some reasons why you might choose to use LeapFTP over other FTP clients:

Simple and Intuitive Interface

The client is a good option for novices or those who want a simple FTP client without needless complexity because of its easy-to-use interface.

Basic File Transfer Needs

LeapFTP provides the necessary file transfer capability if your demands are somewhat simple, without overloading consumers with features they might not need.

Quick Setup and Configuration

Because LeapFTP is quick to set up and configure, users may connect to FTP servers and begin file transfers with little difficulty.

Reliable File Transfer

File transfers with LeapFTP are renowned to be successful and error-free, thanks to its stability and dependability.

Cost-Effective Solution

For those who only need basic FTP capability and don’t need the more sophisticated features offered in more expensive FTP clients, LeapFTP might be a more affordable option.

Lightweight and Efficient

The software is lightweight and effective by using less system resources than more resource-intensive ones. This may prove advantageous for people whose hardware is outdated or underpowered.


The platform is available to a broad spectrum of customers that depend on Windows-based computers for their file transfer requirements because it is compatible with multiple Windows operating system versions.

How To Configure A Site In LeapFTP

How To Manage Files In LeapFTP

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