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WS FTP is a popular FTP client praised for its reliability, security, and user-friendly interface and this tutorial covers how to upload files using WS FTP. (Download the free version of the WS FTP application.)

Offering seamless file transfers between local systems and remote servers, WS FTP simplifies the often-complex task of managing data across networks.

Its advanced functionality, coupled with extensive customization options and cross-platform compatibility, makes WS FTP a trusted solution for individuals and businesses alike, seeking efficient and secure file transfer capabilities.

Whether for routine transfers or complex synchronization tasks, WS FTP stands as a versatile and dependable choice among FTP clients.

This tutorial assumes you already have WS FTP running on your computer and are connected to a remote server. If you don’t, then please refer to our Knowledgebase: How to Configure a Site in WS FTP.

Upload Files Using WS FTP

Open the WS FTP Client.

1. Click “Connect”.

2. After the connection is successful, select your account and click “Connect”.

Upload Files Using WS FTP - Select Files

3. Navigate through the folder on your PC to find your files to select them

4. Click the green Arrow Right

Upload Files Using WS FTP - Upload

5. The uploaded files will now be displaying on the Remote Server

Upload Files Using WS FTP - Remote Server

Download a File Using WS FTP

For this example we will use the changelog.txt file that we uploaded to the Remote Server above.

Upload Files Using WS FTP - Select File

1. First delete the file from the Local Server by clicking the Delete icon

Upload Files Using WS FTP - Delete File

2. Select the changelog.txt file on the Remote Server

Upload Files Using WS FTP - Select File

3. Click the green Arrow Left to download back onto the Local Server.

Upload Files Using WS FTP - Download

4. Your files will have uploaded to the Local Server.

Upload Files Using WS FTP - Local Server

Additional Information:

Key Features of WS FTP

Unique Ease of Use

WS FTP is distinguished by its unmatched ease of use, which makes it incredibly simple to use for people of all experience levels. In contrast to many other FTP clients, WS FTP places a high value on usability without losing capability.


The software boasts a reputation for unmatched reliability and stability in file transfers. Unlike other FTP clients, WS FTP meticulously ensures successful file transfers, even when handling extensive data or faced with less-than-optimal network conditions, guaranteeing peace of mind for users.


It also ensures the highest level of confidentiality and integrity of transferred files with support for secure protocols like FTPS and SSH-based protocols like SFTP.

Advanced Functionality

Its wide array of sophisticated features equips users with unmatched productivity tools and management features, from scheduling

Broad Cross-Platform Compatibility

The platform is one of the most adaptable FTP options because it supports both Windows and macOS seamlessly, allowing users to access and use its features without difficulty on their preferred platform.


The FTP client also provides technical help by offering a wealth of online tutorials, documentation, forums, and email support, uploading and managing files and folders using WS FTP.

How To Configure A Site In WS FTP

How To Manage Files In WS FTP

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