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Before you transfer your domain, please ensure that you have no outstanding debt on your current provider’s account. If you do, then they may choose to only release your domain for transfer when the account is paid up.

Hosted.com requires some information to get your domain set up on our DNS servers.

  • Please advise your current ISP that you’ll be transferring your domain to Hosted.com
  • Your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) details
  • The email address you require
  • Domain Authorization Code if you have one
  • If your domain is locked, please unlock it
  • A copy of your website database if you have one and are transferring your hosting as well.


Should you be transferring a domain away from Hosted.com, please follow these steps:
– Please check that there are no unpaid invoices on your account
– We require a one-months’ notice for the cancellation of any services
– Please open a Ticket and select Billing and advise our accounts department.

Following that, you will have to contact your new domains and/or hosting provider and follow their instructions to complete the process.

Please keep in mind that Hosted.com has an automated billing system that requires written notification from the registered email contact to cancel any services.

If you’re considering transferring your domain, please be aware that any international domain like .com typically incurs a fee, often in the form of an annual renewal fee at the time of transfer.

Ready to transfer your domain? Simply click on this link, and we’ll guide you through the process.

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