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Your hosting plan choice is dependent on the specific requirements of your website, such as disk space, MySQL databases, email addresses, and domains. Also take into account, the scalability of a product, can it accommodate future business expansion, re staffing emails, products, e-commerce, etc.

If you are uncertain as to how to tailor your hosting solution to match your needs, then please reach out to our Sales Team for advice.

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Additional Information:

Website size & structure

If you are planning a large, complex website, then choosing a hosting plan that offers more storage space and additional requirements for databases is a more viable option. If you are just starting out with a basic small business website, then a starter plan like Pioneer cPanel Web Hosting, or Pioneer WordPress are more affordable plans that could work for you. These low cost web hosting plans are perfect for a startup.

Building your own website

If you are looking at building your own website, then you may want to consider the Website Builder Add-on to cPanel. This is an easy, intuitive, and very user-friendly website builder, that offers all the features and functionality that you could possibly want, as well as e-commerce with an online store, shopping cart and payment plugins.

Email only hosting plan

If you are just starting out and want to register your domain before getting your website organized and set up, then our Email Hosting plans are perfect. The Email Hosting Plan allows you the flexibility to upgrade when your website is ready, and in the meantime, you can have a professional, business communication with prospective clients, suppliers, and staff.

Features & support

Choosing the best hosting plan for your website can be a simple task, however, it is important to research and compare what features are included in each hosting plan to ensure that you are making the right choice.

At Hosted.com we offer our customers cPanel Web Hosting (cPanel is a shared web hosting plan), and WordPress Hosting. Each of these hosting options are available in four different plans that make it easy for you to scale up and down as the needs of your website change. To assist you further with your decision, we clearly state what is included in each plan. Depending on the payment period you select for the hosting plan of your choice, the price will change accordingly. Simply use our slider to view the differences in price.

Consider the support services that are included. Some hosting providers include 24/7 customer support, while others only offer limited support services. Speak to them and ask their support staff questions to ascertain for yourself their expertise.

Discounts & contract periods

Finally, consider the price of the hosting plan. Many offer discounts for longer contracts, so it is important to compare prices before settling on a plan. Plan contracts usually start at 12 months and up to 36 months. All over, a 3-year initial contract will generally have the best discounted price from any service provider.

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