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As an EV (Extended Validation) SSL Certificate is the most secure form of online security, specifically used by banks, corporate finance companies and large e-commerce websites. Documentation required by the CA (Certificate Authority) as acceptable proof of business.

Other prerequisite company proof & documentation is as follows:

– the company’s DUNS number (Dun & Bradstreet)
(Should the company not have one, then other documentation can be provided, e.g. a letter of attestation from a licensed professional such as a civil notary, accountant, or attorney, or a business profile from a reputable and qualified organization).

– Articles of Incorporation
– Business License
– DBA (Doing Business As) Registration
– Partnership documentation
– Sole Proprietorship documentation

Additional documentation may be required dependent on if your organization is less than a year old, or certain agreements from your EV SSL provider may require signing.

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