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Cheap SSL Certificate prices at Hosted.com, is because we bulk purchase SSL Certificates (Secure Sockets Layer) from the top, most reputable SSL providers around the world. Thanks to our long-term relationships with these suppliers and our agreements with them, we are regarded as “diamond” partners. This means we can secure better pricing, which we then pass along to our customers, saving you money on your SSL purchase, and even letting us offer free certificates with our Hosting plans.

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Cheap SSL Certificate Pricing Structure Explained

While the core function of SSL/TLS Certificates (Secure Sockets Layer) remains the same: encrypting data transmitted between a user’s browser and the web server hosting the site, they can vary significantly in price. There are several reasons for this.

Type of SSL

Pricing will depend on the type of SSL you get. For example, a Domain Validated (DV) SSL is the most basic certificate and usually the cheapest. An Extended Validated (EV) SSL offers the highest level of security, requires the most verification, and is mainly used by large corporations, financial institutions, and governments, making it the most expensive.

For more information about the different types of SSL Certificates, read our Knowledgebase – Different Types of SSL Certificates for Enhanced Website Security

Certificate Authority (CA)

The Certificate Authority (CA), the organization responsible for issuing the certificate can significantly impact the price. Major CAs often charge more for their SSLs due to brand reputation, extensive validation processes, and global recognition. Smaller CAs may offer certificates at lower prices.

Issuing Costs and Profit

While the actual cost of issuing an SSL is relatively small, most of the cost is associated with verifying the requester’s identity to issue the certificate. Some CAs charge more to cover their costs and maximize profits.

Insurance and Additional Services

Some SSL certificates come with additional services, such as insurance coverage. When you purchase an EV SSL, you not only pay for the certificate itself but also for the insurance that covers certain cases of fraud related to them. These additional features can influence the price.


Like most markets, the SSL Certificate segment is competitive. Because of this CAs may offer lower prices to attract more customers. As a result, pricing can vary significantly between different issuers.

Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

Many companies have multiple websites and subdomains, along with alternative domain names. Managing and securing each of these domains with separate SSL Certificates can be expensive and inefficient. Not to mention it may lead to vulnerabilities as each of these certificates may need different configurations, further burdening IT teams.

Multi-domain SSL Certificates, also known as Subject Alternative Name (SAN) or Unified Communications Certificates (UCC), allow you to secure multiple domains or subdomains using a single certificate. This simplifies managing certificates and saves costs by eliminating the need for individual certificates for each domain.

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