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What is an an EV SSL Certificate

An Extended Validation SSL, or EV SSL Certificate, is a type of digital certificate that verifies that the website owner has undergone the most extensive validation and identity background checks to certify that their website is authentic and legitimate.

To obtain an EV SSL Certificate, entities applying for one will need to provide documentation to verify details such as the website domain, the site owner, and the applicant’s legal, physical, and operational existence and identity.

How long does it take to get?

The validation process can be lengthy due to the high level of authentication required and to make sure all the requirements are met. Additionally, discrepancies in the documents supplied can result in delays or the certificate not being issued.

Documentation required for an an EV SSL Certificate

Here is the list of prerequisite company proof and documentation usually required by the CA (Certificate Authority) as acceptable proof of business when applying for an EV SSL Certificate.

EV SSL Certificate Subscriber Agreement

An EV Subscriber Agreement needs to be filled out, signed and submitted by the applicant. The agreement is a binding legal contract between the applicant and the CA that issues the certificate.

EV SSL Certificate Authorization Form

A signed copy of the EV Authorization Form is used to authorize the Certificate Authority to issue the certificate for a website.

Company D-U-N-S number

A D-U-N-S number is a unique nine-digit identification number assigned to businesses by Dun & Bradstreet.

Note: If your company does not have a D-U-N-S number, alternative documentation can be provided, e.g., a letter of attestation from a licensed professional such as a civil notary, accountant, or attorney, or a business profile from a reputable and qualified organization.

Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation are a company’s founding document that establishes a corporation as a separate legal entity from its owners.

Business License

A Business License, is a prerequisite document stating that the business is open and operational and allowed to do business.

DBA (Doing Business As) Registration

A legal requirement for businesses if they operate under a name other than their registered company name.

Partnership Documentation

The document proving shared ownership of the business by two or more individuals or entities.

Sole Proprietorship Documentation

The document proving ownership of the business if it is owned by an individual person or entity.

Additional Information for Verification

In addition to these documents, the Certificate Authority (CA) will also verify the following information before issuing an EV SSL Certificate:

  • The legal, physical, and operational existence of the entity.
  • The identity of the entity’s officers and directors.
  • The entity’s right to use the domain name listed in the EV SSL Certificate.
  • The entity’s exclusive right to use the EV SSL Certificate.
  • The entity’s compliance with the CA/Browser Forum’s EV Guidelines.

Additional Documentation

Additional documentation may be required if your organization is less than a year old, or certain agreements from your EV SSL Certificate provider may require signing.

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If you have any questions relating to to whether you should buy an EV SSL Certificate, or any of the other types of SSL certificates available, please get in touch with our Sales Team and they’ll walk you through the various options. 

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