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With Hosted.com’s Website Builder solution, it is unnecessary to backup copy of a website, as we have full backups of the entire solution on our servers. Our Website Builder’s design and platform are tailored to function exclusively on our servers, thus making it unfeasible to store an external copy of a website created using this solution.

However rest assured, that we have full backups of the entire solution on our servers. You are responsible for keeping a copy of your individual website’s content for your own purposes.

However, you can save all your content and images by following these steps:

  • Create a dedicated website content folder on your computer.
  • Open a new document and copy the content from each page.
  • Save the page or pages ensuring that you create clear headings for easy organization.
  • If you wish to keep your images in the same folder, create a sub-folder named “Images”.
  • Either manually copy the images from your PC to this folder or right-click on each image on the website and save it under its respective page name.

If you have a WordPress website, please read our Knowledgebase article on how to Backup Your WordPress Site.

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Additional Information:

Reasons To Backup Copy of A Website

Prevention of Data Loss

Data loss can happen due to various reasons such as server failures, hacking, malware infections, or software glitches. Making a regular backup copy of a website’s content, copy and images, serves as a safety measure allowing you to restore your website to a previous state in the case of such incidents.

Minimizing Downtime

If your website goes down due to data loss or any other issues, restoring your website from a backup can significantly reduce the downtime of your site. This is essential for maintaining a positive user experience and preventing loss of web traffic, revenue, and reputation.

Security Breach Recovery

If you experience a data breach or an online security breach, having a backup copy of a website allows you to quickly recover from a clean state before the incident occurred. This ensures sensitive data remains protected and your website’s integrity is maintained.

Content Recovery

Accidental deletion, modification or any other loss of website content can occur, especially in collaborative environments. Backups provide a way to recover lost or overwritten content.

Protection During Updates

While updating your website’s platform, themes, or plugins, you can potentially face the risk of compatibility issues or unexpected errors. Having a backup copy of a website allows you to roll back changes if necessary and restore functionality.

Business Continuity

For businesses that rely on the uptime of their websites for revenue generation or customer engagement, maintaining backups is vital for continuity. It ensures that the companies can bounce back after disruptions and continue operating smoothly.

About Hosted.com’s Website Builder

Hosted.com’s Website Builder offers a simple solution for creating affordable and user-friendly websites. Offering over 200 professionally designed templates, customizable widgets, and essential features such as mobile responsiveness and e-commerce functionality, users can easily create websites – in no time and with minimal effort.

The platform is also cost-effective and can be added as an optional feature to cPanel Web Hosting plans. Its ease of use, including drag-and-drop widgets and intuitive editing tools, makes it suitable for users of all levels. Hosted.com’s Website Builder is the ideal solution for individuals and businesses seeking a professional online presence.

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