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When you are considering changing the template for your Website Builder site, its easy because of the versatility of the platform. It is a simple process to update and switch templates, layouts, or content without the hassle of losing or redoing your previous work.

You can try it out before hand by using the Demo version on our website page.

Additional Information:

Website Builder’s unique flexibility allows your website to evolve with ease.

If you are looking for a hassle-free solution to update your website’s design and content without reconfiguring its layout – use our versatile Website Builder. Here’s some of the reasons why our platform stands out:

Seamless Template Switching & Updates

Thanks to our Website Builder, you maintain full control over templates, layouts, and content without the fear of losing previously completed work. The platform ensures your content remains intact during transitions and when updates become available.

Try Before Committing

Try before you buy with our demo version of the site builder. This allows you to experience the platform and test different features that you are looking for and more.


Hosted.com’s Website Builder also offers unmatched flexibility which enables you to easily customize your site to fit your needs. Whether you are a small business owner or individual looking to build your online brand – our platform adapts to your needs, while allowing for seamless growth and changes to your site’s pages.

Reasons To Change Your Website Template

Outdated Design

With website tools and functionality changing on a daily basis, upgrading your current website could generate more traffic. A refreshed look and feel could also engage your site visitors better.

User Experience

A new template could potentially offer better navigation and responsiveness to your website, leading to a better user experience.

Enhanced Functionality

If your current website design lacks new features or those that could offer better user-experience – changing your template with the inclusion of new functionality could enhance its overall performance.

Mobile Responsiveness

With more users accessing the internet from smartphones and other devices today, it is vital to keep your website optimized for mobile use. Changing your website’s template could offer a better user experience for visitors, accessing your website from mobile devices.

How To Evaluate Your Website Before Changing the Template

Before deciding whether to redo your website, it’s important to assess your current site. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:


Is your current site visually appealing and user-centric? Are there any outdated elements that can be improved upon?

Relatable Content

Does your website contain valuable content that you want to retain? Does the current content align with your business goals and objectives and how will a new template relate to it?


Are there specific features or functionality that need to be enhanced on your website to offer visitors a better user experience?

Factors To Consider Before Changing Your Template

Back Up Your Website

Hosted.com’s Website Builder operates on our servers, and we maintain comprehensive backups on our servers. However, it is advised to keep a back up copy of your website’s content for your own needs.


if you have a significant amount of content which might have been tailored to your current design, ensure your display and layout supports the template. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Changing your website’s layout can potentially affect your search engine ranking. Ensure you implement proper redirects and maintain SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices during transition to avoid any negative impact.

User Feedback

Before making the final decision to change your website’s template, conduct a survey or gather feedback from your target audience to ensure the new design will meet their needs or any expectations they may have.

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