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Conflicts from database errors, PHP unresponsive script, are usually the cause of seeing a white screen instead of your website, so if there is an error message displayed, please make a note of it. We suggest using your “Staging Area” to test the various solutions below until you find the one that resolves the problem.

1. Browser Cache

Delete your browser cache (data & history) and clear all cookies. Close your browser wait for a minute or two and then re-open it.

If your website is still displaying a white screen then it will be a process of elimination as follows:

2. Historical Changes

If the white screen shows an error message it may be; Missing a Theme, Memory Limit or Timing Out due to unresponsive scripts.

Should changes have been made that you are unaware of, check with the person that made them and enquire as to what they were, then proceed to “Current Changes” below.

3. Current Changes

Should the white screen have appeared while you were currently working in WordPress, then you will have to go back and undo any changes relating to: theme, updates, plugins and coding.

Work through them one at a time, and keep checking the impact that each has on your website by refreshing your browser, until you no longer see the white screen.

4. Plugin Checks

On your Dashboard select Plugins and you can either Deactivate all of them and turn them on one by one while checking your website in a browser. The minute you see the white screen you will have identified the plugin at fault.

Alternatively, you can deactivate the first plugin on your list and check your website in the browser (use Ctrl + Refresh for a hard refresh), reactivate that plugin and move on to the next and repeat one by one.

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