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Yes, you can install WordPress on your laptop or desktop.

Having WordPress installed on your PC is usually done by developers, who can set up their desktop computer as a local server (localhost) for development purposes. This then gives them another testing environment in which to test updates, plugins, themes, and widgets before making them live – even if offline.

For the non-developer, Hosted.com’s WordPress Hostingprovides a Staging Area for pre-publishing tests.

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Additional Information:

Install WordPress on Localhost

This process is often referred to as setting up a local server development environment or localhost. (Localhost is the term used for the current computer that is accessing a network.)

Install WordPress locally i.e., on your laptop or computer to give you the ability to design, develop, and test your website in a safe and private environment. It’s a risk-free space where you can experiment without affecting a live website, however, it does require a certain amount of technical expertise and is not recommended for the average small business owner use.

Localhost as a Staging Area

A localhost acts as a staging area for your site, meaning it will give you access to WordPress’s features until you decide to publish it through your hosting provider.

Localhost for Plugin Development

Usually, WordPress developers use this type of install to develop plugins and themes. It is also a great way for beginners to get to know the platform before using it to build or make changes to a site that is active on the internet.

Localhost for Theme Changes

This can be particularly useful for updates, themes, and plugins. For instance, if you are considering using a new theme for your website, you can preview and customize it on your local WordPress install before publishing it on a live site.

Localhost for Plugin Testing

Similarly, if you want to add a new plugin, you can first test it on your local setup to see how it works and whether it affects the performance of your site. This way, you can identify and fix any issues before they affect a live site.

Once you are satisfied, you can transfer your local site to a WordPress Hosting server when you are ready to publish.

Keep in mind that installing WordPress on your laptop or computer will allow you to experiment with WordPress without the need for a domain or web hosting, but your site will not be accessible to anyone else.

In Conclusion

Just like with any website, you need to have a domain name and web hosting for it to be published to the internet. If you are not ready to launch your website, Hosted.com’s WordPress Hosting plans do include a Staging Environment so you can ensure that your site looks and runs exactly how you want it to before you launch.

Please go to our webpage to find out more about the features of Hosted.com’s WordPress Hosting options.

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