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Once you have the person’s Name and Email Address you can register them on any of the available options:

1.  Administrator – access to almost everything the owner accesses, so ensure it is someone that you trust.

2.  Editor – access to pages, categories, tags, posts, comments and links – again must be trustworthy.

3.  Author – can write, edit, publish and upload images on their own posts.

4.  Viewer – can read and comment on posts and pages on a Private website.

5.  Follower – can read and comment on posts and pages on a Public website.


To register them on the available options you must be logged in to your WordPress website:

  • Click on “Manage” and select “People”
  • Select the “Invite” tab and enter their email address
  • Choose which “Role” and write a custom message to them
  • Click “Send”


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