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To enhance your security, it is crucial that you change your default username from ‘admin’ right away!

Here are a few recommendations:

  • Use strong passwords that include a mix of characters, numbers, lowercase, and uppercase letters.
  • Update the password for your administration email account as well.
  • Activate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) if you have the latest version of WordPress. This will allow you to receive your Username and Password on your cellphone and email.

To secure your login details:

  • Choose a long and unique username.
  • Opt for a more complex password.
  • Change your email password to prevent password retrieval.
  • Enable Two-Step Authentication.

Additional security suggestions:

  • Use reputable WordPress themes.
  • Remove unnecessary plugins.
  • Keep your WordPress version up to date.
  • Consider setting up a Safe List, a Block List, or both, for your admin panel.

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