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Upgrade WordPress Hosting

This article assumes that you have logged in to your Hosted.com Account, and the update steps to complete are listed below:

Menu of Services
  • Click “Manage Services” on the menu
  • Select “WordPress Hosting” from the dropdown menu
Manage WordPress Hosting Services
  • Click on “Manage” next to the domain’s hosting you wish to upgrade
  • Click “CHANGE” to the right of Product
Product Information & Quick Manage
  • The Products screen will display and you can choose “Select” under the package you want to upgrade to.
  • This will go to the Review and Checkout page, where you select “Checkout”
  • When the payment has been completed, the automated billing system will complete the upgrade to your hosting.

WordPress Hosting

DISCLAIMER:  Any pricing reflected on images is for demonstration/reference purposes only and does not constitute actual pricing. E&OE.

Additional Information:

When looking to upgrade WordPress Hosting, it is usually as a result of the growth requirements of your website, and upgrading allows for additional resources at your disposal.. 

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting is designed specifically for websites built using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Unlike generic web hosting, WordPress Hosting is optimized across the board, to meet the requirements and performance needs of sites hosted on it.

With Hosted.com, not only do you get a highly optimized infrastructure, but we also offer great features and the best support for WordPress, allowing your site to function smoothly without you needing to have the technical know-how. Meanwhile, our servers are specifically designed to accommodate WordPress and Woocommerce integration, meaning that your website will operate on a fast, stable, and secure platform.

Benefits to Upgrade WordPress Hosting

Upgrading your WordPress Hosting involves moving to a higher tiered hosting plan which will allow you to accommodate for increased traffic, better performance, and other additional features. Here are points to consider when upgrading your WordPress Hosting:


Make a backup of your WordPress website, including the files and database, before you do a WordPress update or make any changes. As a matter of course, this is vitally important prior to an update your WordPress site, or any plugins. This way, you can easily restore your site in case something goes awry.

Test Your Website

After upgrading your WordPress Hosting plan and completing the migration process (if you upgraded to Hosted.com), it is important to test your website. This will make sure everything is functioning correctly. Also, take the time to check each page, as well as the various functionalities and performance metrics, to confirm that the upgrade was successful. Read our Knowledgebase article on How to Set Up a Staging Site on WordPress, for more information.

Monitor Your Site’s Performance

Monitor your website’s performance on your new hosting plan. It is suggested that you keep an eye on speed, uptime, and other relevant metrics to be certain that the upgrade has positively impacted your site.

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