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Yes, WordPress has many Free Templates that cover a wide array of designs and are all “Responsive”, in that they will adjust to display on any device; desktop, tablet or cellphone.

Remember: Some free templates may not be suitable for the type of website you are setting up. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider the needs of your website before downloading any free templates, as some may not be appropriate for commercial use.

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Additional Information:

When you create a website using WordPress free templates, you can choose from the many themes that are available. Themes control the design aspect of your entire site i.e., its appearance, as well as how your content will appear to visitors. WordPress offers a range of themes, from those that are versatile and work well for any type of website, to others that are specifically tailored for specific functions such as eCommerce sites, portfolios, or blogs. Included in each theme is a set of templates.

Templates in WordPress control the layout or structure of individual or groups of pages, for example it will indicate where different elements like headers, sidebars, and content will appear and how they will be displayed on those pages.

Free Templates Basic Structure

The exact templates included in a theme depend on the theme’s design and purpose. However, most free WordPress themes include templates for the following types of pages:

  • Home page – the main page of your website and usually includes a header, a navigation menu, and a section for your latest posts or featured content.
  • Single post page – displays a single blog post and its comments.
  • Archive page – displays a list of your blog posts by category, date, or tag.
  • Search results page – displays the results of a search query on your website.
  • 404 error page – displayed when a user tries to access a page that doesn’t exist on your website.

Functionality and Design of Free Templates

Free WordPress templates have a wide range of options, offering assorted designs, functionalities, and purposes. The themes template’s are a basic platform for a website and the elements can usually be moved around. They are all responsive i.e., they will resize over different mobile devices. Widgets for functionality can be dragged and dropped into place. Often these free WordPress Templates can be used across a variety of industries, or business sectors, and some have been designed for specific business types, e.g. gallery styled templates for photographic studios, artists, and the like. These templates can be modified to fit the needs of any website and can be downloaded and used free of charge.

Free WordPress Template Changes

When making changes to any WordPress Templates f you do need to make custom modifications to a template, make sure to check how the changes will display on different devices before publishing. A safe way to do this before publishing to your live site is to create a staging site (a copy of your website that is not live on the internet).

Coding of WordPress Templates

Templates are written in HTML and CSS code and are designed to work within the WordPress theme you have chosen for your website. There is a certain amount of flexibility as well, as most templates have the ability to include the addition of coding snippets that the web developer may want for functionality,

Page Layouts of Free WordPress Templates

WordPress templates are designed for a specific page’s content for example if they are on the Home Page, that theme’s Home Page layout template will be used, if the page is for Blog Posts, then the template layout for Blogs will be used. All template pages will be based on the overall theme that has been chosen.

Responsiveness of Free Templates

Additionally, free WordPress templates are all designed to be responsive, meaning that they will adjust to display on any device such as mobile phones, tablets, PCs, etc. It is therefore imperative that when using a template and adding any additional code, or restructuring layouts, etc. that the site is fully checked prior to going live to ensure that nothing has been ‘broken’.

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