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The Media Settings – dictate how images, image carousels and videos display on pages and posts within your WordPress website.

Image Sizes can be set to maximum pixel width and height as follows:

  • Thumbnails  150 x 150
  • Medium  300 x 300
  • Large  1024 x 1024

Image Carousel allows you to display multiple images in a slideshow that can be scrolled through either forwards or backwards, it’s settings are as follows:

  • Enable Carousel – Display images in full-size carousel slideshow  150 x 150
  • Background color – Black (default) or White
  • Metadata – very useful for professional photographers who have images saved in an EXIF format. EXIF – Exchangeable Image File Format – contains the photographic data, e.g. date, time camera model, focal length, shutter speed etc.  
  • Comments – gives you a specific area within the carousel for comments
  • Tiled Galleries – this tiled mosaic-styled gallery layout defaults to thumbnail size.

Video Player has share and quality settings

  • Default share settings – can be overwritten for individual videos and gives embed code for downloading, or displaying your videos on other websites.
  • Default quality setting – lets your videos be displayed in the highest quality, bear in mind that a higher quality will decrease load-speed for users, relative to their internet connection.


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