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You can correct an fatal error message regarding memory size:

The first option to increase memory limit requires you sign in to your cPanel Dashboard:

  • under “Options”, select “PHP Version” 
  • go to “Memory Limit” and increase it and click “Apply

If this doesn’t help resolve it, then you will need to check the Memory_Limit settings in the WordPress file wp-config.php:

  • in WordPress go to “File Manager” and type in:   /home/xxx/public_html/wp-config.php
  • increase the “memory_limit” in the “wp-config.php” file


NOTE: You can also check the settings within the following files as well:






If none of the above have resolved the issue, then it may be related to your WordPress theme, or a plugin, that may be forcing a Memory Limit Set within a different stored file. If you require more assistance, please reach out to our Support team.


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